How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Raydiant and BlueJeans

One of the many perks of being a Raydiant customer is that you get access to a large library of apps for creating, not just digital signage, but an entire customer experience. This includes the use of our partner BlueJeans’ video conferencing app, which lets you connect with employees and customers from multiple locations. How can retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses use Raydiant and BlueJeans to create a memorable in-store experience?

Offer Virtual Events to Attract More Customers

How do you get to know people? You spend time with them. Connecting with customers is no different: you provide a place and a compelling opportunity to learn or do something they’re interested in, and you’ve got them hooked! And with BlueJeans video conferencing, there are no limits on the event’s location or how many you can invite—you can connect groups of people large and small through this handy app, which provides HD video and clear audio so that you can communicate meaningfully. It’s like Facetiming with your friends and family across town, or the globe—but on a much larger scale. Just like Facetime, it gives you face-to-face communication with your customers, and they can engage with your brand on a more personal level, building trust—the first step to customer loyalty. 

So, what types of events can you hold over BlueJeans video conferencing? The sky’s the limit, really: cooking classes, holiday and promotional parties, new product launches, Q&A customer sessions, gym challenges, speaking events, all-hands meetings, employee training and more. 

Provide Webinars to Engage (and Cross-Sell) Your Customers

Host webinars, lunch-and-learns, product demonstrations and other in-store events that empower your customers by educating them about your products and services. Not only will your customers associate your brand with positivity (the “halo” effect), but it will establish you as an expert in your field. Record your session and share snippets of it on your social feeds and in your marketing campaigns, offering digital access for a price or for signing up to your email list or your loyalty program. The more you have that back-and-forth conversation with your customers, the more likely they are to become a repeat customer and brand fan. 

Build Excitement for Your Brand with Live Product Launches

As touched on previously, live product launches are exciting ways to share your newest and shiniest with new and prospective customers. Maybe your “product” is a new dish at your restaurant, a new beer flavor at your tap room, or new fall boots at your boutique. Whatever you’re excited about, share it with your customers using BlueJeans conferencing. If you have multiple locations, you can connect with them all as you reveal your new product, discuss its features, and answer customer questions as you go. Later, share a sneak peek on your social media feeds—or share it live through BlueJeans and Facebook live.  

Offer a Personal Hello to Build Brand Loyalty 

Imagine the impact of a live, face-to-face message from someone prominent in your company (the owner, CEO, head chef, etc.) to your in-store customers. Asking for feedback on your products and services or simply saying hello is a great way to engage with customers and create a personal bond between them and your brand. Raydiant customer and restaurateurs, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, use BlueJeans to connect with employees and customers at their restaurant, Wahlburgers’, multiple locations.  

What about broadcasting a live event that your company is attending or presenting? Customers love brands who are also thought leaders, and they will enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes look at what your brand story is all about. 

Give Training and Q & A Sessions to Make Your Brand Accessible

Brands show they care about their customers, and not just the bottom line, when they provide training on how to best use their products and services. Educating your customers means empowering them, and an empowered customer is a happy customer (who is also much more likely to recommend your brand if they love your products and know how to use them). Conducting training, Q&A sessions, and workshops over video conferencing allows you to teach hundreds or thousands of customers in multiple locations. They can respond and answer questions in real-time, and you can also share the video as a training tool in the future. 

Learn More About BlueJeans and Raydiant

BlueJeans provides cloud-based video conferencing for meetings, conferences, and events large and small. With HD video and Dolby Voice® audio, it ensures clear, crisp communication with up to as many as 15,000 interactive guests. BlueJeans also offers Q&A, polling, and large meeting controls so that you can speak to your guests and answer their questions. An easy-to-navigate user interface lets you connect in seconds, enable/disable video and audio, and moderate Q&A and polling sessions. Control the video layout, set up a list of participants you can view onscreen as you go live. Record the live broadcast and/or stream sessions on Facebook live—however you use BlueJeans, you will be creating a stronger connection with your employees, customers, and guests. 

Raydiant technology isn’t just about digital signage—it’s about creating an in-store experience. Bold, interactive visual displays, mood-inducing music, and live streams that let you be a virtual visitor with your customers are all available with our cloud-based system. Our hardware is simple to install yet robust: it utilizes a plug-and-play device called a ScreenRay, which plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port. Onscreen instructions will guide you through the setup process, and you’re ready to go almost instantly, so you can start creating those interactive experiences your customers will love. Raydiant’s large app library includes those offered by partners PosterMyWall, Soundtrack Your Brand, SinglePlatform, and BlueJeans for a fully immersive in-store experience. Use these apps to make and display gorgeous digital posters and displays, create and play the perfect mood-music playlists for your brand, keep all your online menus updated through one interface, and communicate face-to-face with customers from around the nation—and the world—with video conferencing. Get it all by trying Raydiant, risk-free, today.