How Raydiant’s Enterprise Subscription Just Got Even Better

Raydiant’s Enterprise subscription is made for businesses who want to manage multiple digital signage use cases in the most straightforward way possible. And now this advanced subscription just got upgraded, providing better security, organization, and navigation for a digital signage platform that gives them the usability they need to run their signage (and their business) more smoothly. Let’s explore some of the exciting features of our latest upgrade:

Define User Roles for Easier Delegation

Want to delegate the digital signage management to one or more trusted employees? The upgraded Enterprise subscription lets you assign roles to users for better security. These roles include Super Administrator, Administrator, Standard User, and Restricted User. So, for example, a business owner or manager will most likely be a Super Administrator, and will be able to add, view, edit, and delete all of the resources and users in the system. A Standard User, on the other hand, will only be able to view this information. These defined roles not only ensure that your content can’t be accidentally deleted or revised by just anyone, but it gives owners and managers free reign to delegate the management of digital signage without worrying that something will get accidentally deleted or moved without warning. 

For example, say you’re a hotel manager with an in-house restaurant. You can assign the restaurant manager an Administrator role so that they can manage their digital menu boards and other signage, updating menu items and prices as needed. Or you may wish to assign them a Standard User role if you’d instead like for them to run all updates by you first before making them. With this upgrade, Enterprise now functions as a more secure, controlled platform that lets each individual business decide how they will delegate the management of their digital signs, menu boards, live events calendars, background music, and more. 

Securely Share Resources Across Your Domain

Now you can share resources across your domain with Enterprise. Much like sharing a Google doc, our upgraded Enterprise subscription lets you share access to any of your content with other domain members in a controlled way. Share screens, playlists, presentations, folders, and more—and choose whether the member has view-only or editing access for each.

Invite Others to the Domain in a Controlled Way

Much like sharing a Google doc with those outside your organization, with Enterprise’s new functionality, you can invite outside members to your domain and control their access. Assign roles based on accessibility; for example, you can invite accounts to view certain resources in your content library—like promotional content—without allowing editing access. This way, you can share presentations, playlists, and more with vendors, contractors, and others outside of your company without worry. 

A New Feature That Offers More Security

Multiple users with different privileges can be disastrous to an interface if it doesn’t have the right security protocol. The newest iteration of our Enterprise subscription gives users the ability to enable a two-step verification process across accounts. Now you and your team can manage your digital signage, background music, menu updates, and more from anywhere—all while keeping your content protected. This added security measure also adds another layer of protection against cybersecurity threats and data leaks. 

Managing a Large Content Library Just Got Easier

Managing multiple user accounts with resources can become overwhelming. Enterprise has now simplified this process by offering more tools to better organize, navigate, and easily access resources when needed. Member and domain libraries are displayed in a searchable format, and users can organize their content in folders and sub-folders for one or more of their locations, and even break down their content based on specific places within each location, such as a lobby, conference room, or café. This new layer of organization lets you better control how your content is catalogued, ensuring that you always have everything you need, when you need it, at your fingertips. 

More about Raydiant

Top-rated digital signage

Consistently outperforming our peers, Raydiant gets top marks from customers on popular tech review sites like G2 and Capterra. 

An experience platform like no other

We are more than just digital signage—we are an experience platform. Our system provides everything you need to create a memorable customer experience—including custom background music, video conferencing tools that connect customers and staff, and vivid social walls that engage customers with your brand. 

Reliability guaranteed

Raydiant promises a 99.5% (and better, for Enterprise subscribers) uptime, meaning you can count on it to work without freezing or crashing. 

Top-ranked support team

If you do have a problem, our expert team of engineers are ready to help you! Our US-based support team has received many five-star ratings from satisfied customers.

Easy to install and set up

Raydiant uses plug-and-play hardware that you simply plug into your TV’s HDMI port, and it’s ready to go! A few on-screen prompts will lead you through an easy setup process, after which you can use our intuitive interface to create gorgeous digital signs and more with our large app library. 

Remote manageability

Manage digital signs, menu boards, and more using our secure, cloud-based interface. With Raydiant, it goes where you go, meaning you can access it through any internet-connected device. Managing multiple screens in multiple locations has never been easier.