Go Contactless with Raydiant’s New QR Code Generator

Digital signs and QR codes go hand in hand when it comes to offering contactless services. More businesses are using QR codes as part of their marketing campaigns, as it gives them an instant way to connect with customers long after they visit their locations.

And now, with Raydiant’s QR code generator, businesses can easily create, import, and display QR codes into their digital signage content. This allows more businesses to go contactless and uphold social distancing protocols in their locations, while at the same time ensuring that their customers connect to their brand. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using QR codes in your business, and how Raydiant’s QR code generator lets you enjoy all these benefits right from the Raydiant dashboard.  

Why More Businesses are Using QR Codes

A QR code is a scannable piece of technology that lets a person “read”  it using a mobile device. Businesses use QR codes to point people to their website, mobile app, a discount or offer, menu, digital brochure, and more. The possibilities are endless. With this flexibility and instant accessibility, it’s no wonder that more businesses are using QR codes as part of their overall marketing strategy. In fact, it’s been estimated that 11 million US households will scan a QR code this year alone—and that figure was projected pre-pandemic! Now, with the need for more contactless ways of doing business, QR codes are expected to increase exponentially. Brand giants like Starbucks, Walmart, Macy’s, and Whole Foods already use QR codes for contactless checkouts, scan-and-go app deployment, rewards programs, and more. How will you use Raydiant’s new QR code generator to upgrade your business?

Why Use QR Codes on Your Digital Signs

Digital signage and QR codes are at the forefront of digital marketing trends, and they’re both increasingly being used to offer an elevated and more competitive customer experience. Today’s customers are looking for an immersive, interactive experience at the stores, restaurants, and companies they visit. Not only does digital signage provide a highly visual, dynamic experience for shoppers and restaurant-goers, but Raydiant’s Experience Platform also allows businesses to provide other in-location experiences, like custom background music and engaging social walls. Add QR codes into these experiences, and you give customers a way to interact with your brand long after they leave. With a QR code, customers can instantly and effortlessly browse your online store or Instagram, “collect” digital discounts, and rack up rewards points. Digital signs make QR codes easier than ever to scan, shop, check out, and grab a digital brochure to learn more—all from their phone and without having to interact directly with staff. 

Scannable Menus and Contactless Payment Options

You already know the benefits of Raydiant’s digital menu boards—they’re easier to read, they engage customers with appetizing images and videos of fresh food being prepared, and they make waiting in line and ordering a more enjoyable process for your customers. Now, with Raydiant’s new QR code generator, you can have all this and make your menus scannable. Whether they’re waiting in line or at a table, hungry diners can scan the on-screen code and get access to a digital menu right on their smartphones. Simply generate a QR code to link to your online menu or restaurant’s app, and you’re in business. With Raydiant’s capabilities, you can have digital displays in your windows and entryways displaying QR codes that link to your menus for passersby and those unfamiliar with your offerings. And since the combination of easy-to-see digital signs and QR codes make advertising your restaurant or business instant and convenient for anyone with a mobile phone, it also makes it easier to order food, dine, and shop while maintaining social distance. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracking the already popular contactless payment trend, many businesses are also following suit by offering mobile payment and other contact-free options. Using the Raydiant platform to generate and display QR codes makes this possible, and easy. Instead of handing over cash or a credit card, customers can scan the QR code to pay with their mobile wallet, Apple Pay, or other electronic payment option. There’s no need to exchange credit cards, print a receipt, or do anything other than offer the customer a nice day. 

Using QR Code “Scan-and-Go” Technology with Digital Flyers 

Raydiant’s intuitive interface makes it easy to automatically generate or even upload existing QR codes to your digital signs. As such, they are a great marketing tool when incorporated into digital flyers. Simply add an engaging headline and a short message about where the QR code will take them, and let them scan it to learn more. This combination of highly visual signage and QR code technology makes it easy for you to grab your customers’ attention and give them instant access to your website, marketing materials, special events calendars, social media feeds, sanitizing protocols, and more. Here are some more ways you can use Raydiant Flyers with QR codes:

  • Interactive and downloadable maps for wayfinding

  • Business information like operating hours, special services, and new locations

  • Scannable coupons, discounts, and rewards points

  • To open short videos and commercials

  • Storefront and window displays that scan to your website or mobile app

Incorporate QR Codes into Raydiant Multizone Screens 

Not sure you want a QR code to be the main part of your screens? With Raydiant’s Multizone, you can add a QR code to the side or bottom screen, and keep the rest for your main messaging. You have the freedom to design your digital displays the way you want them—even easily adding a QR code to your existing signage. With Multizone functionality, you get to make your message the star of the screen, and use the QR code for customers who want to learn more. Your QR code is still noticeable and easily to scan, and yet it doesn’t dominate your screens—you can still share appetizing sizzle reels, gorgeous HD videos, and more to engage your customers. And for those customers that want more interaction with your brand, they can easily scan the QR code.