Our Flyte Board Integration Takes Sales to New Heights with FIDS for Travel-Centric Companies

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with leading airport technology firm, Flyte Systems for an integration of their FlyteBoard platform.

The FlyteBoard app, now offered through our third-party app marketplace, offers real-time flight information display system (FIDS) for travel-centric businesses like hotels, convention centers, parking and transit terminals, training centers, and places catering to air travelers. FlyteBoard FIDS updates automatically with data that comes directly from local airports, ensuring that it’s always up to date and accurate. How can Raydiant’s FlyteBoard integration help you capture more business from traveling customers?

Airport Digital Signage, With or Without the Airport 

Although FlyteBoard is a natural fit for airport lounges and spaces, it’s not limited to airport use. That’s the beauty of Raydiant’s FlyteBoard integration: it takes real-time flight information out of the airport and expands it to other traveler-based companies. Car rental companies; intermodal centers, parking garages, and bus/train terminals; corporate campuses; hotels and resorts—anywhere and everywhere there are travelers, FlyteBoard can be there to make their trip a better one.

What do travelers want? According to the International Air Transport Association, over half of them want real-time notifications for flight information. Formatted similar to airport flight boards, the FlyteBoard FIDS is intuitive to read for your customers, and offers all the information they need at a moment’s notice. This includes real-time flight schedules, arrival and departure statuses, flight and gate numbers, and basic weather updatesfor one or multiple local airports. 

Instead of confusing airport acronyms, FlyteBoard uses full city names so customers can easily find their flight info. The best part? All of this information updates automatically, so no need to babysit your screens. 

Turn Unexpected Travel Delays into Opportunities

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: if your flight was delayed, would you rather wait in an airport lounge or in the comfort of a hotel restaurant? FlyteBoard helps your customers pass the time in comfort, ordering that drink or app as they wait, or even booking an extended stay if their flight is canceled. You don’t have to be a hotel or resort to elevate your customer’s in-store experience and capture more sales—dwell time is sell time, and the longer your customers enjoy their visit with you (and monitor their flight status), the more likely they are to spend money. 

A FIDS That Drives Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business 

Cater to your frequent fliers and turn new customers into brand fans by adding a Raydiant FlyteBoard FIDS. This real-time flight board will act as an information hub that draws more customers, many of them frequent travelers who’ve just found their new favorite en-route rest spot. While they’re there, why not use your other Raydiant screens to engage them with eye-catching promos for limited-time offers, loyalty program details, frequent traveler perks, and other personalized deals?

From Flight Boards to Menu Boards: It’s Raydiant for the Win

Our customers rate us as the best digital signage platform out there. But they also know that we’re so much more than signage: Raydiant is an all-in-one experience platform for brick-and-mortars looking to stand out. Raydiant elevates every part of your in-location experience, from your customers to your employees. On the customer side, we help you offer more customer conveniences, a memorable and multimedia in-location experience, and easy-to-read displays that entertain and inform. Here are some examples:

AI-Powered Shopper Intelligence

Raydiant gives you smart, responsive digital signage based on real-life customer insights. Using advanced AI technology, our system lets you collect important customer metrics in real time, including opportunity to see (OTS), dwell time, and demographics. Use these insights to inform your marketing efforts and display personalized content for better sales.

Employee management and motivation 

Want to reduce turnover, or just need a way to keep your workers motivated and happy? We help you create a high-performance work culture that will improve your sales and employee morale through gamification, live leaderboards that track performance and celebrate wins, and real-world prizes that incentivize. 

Self-serve Kiosks

Contactless customer services are here to stay, and our self-service kiosks are easy to onboard. Serve more customers, process payments and transactions faster, and keep in-store customers engaged and informed with self-guided displays they can use at their convenience.

Raydiant’s FlyteBoard Integration: Try it Today 

Want to see for yourself how the Raydiant platform, including the FlyteBoard app, works?Our plug-and-play digital signage system installs in minutes, sets up in seconds, and is ready to maximize your ROI instantly. There’s a reason why over 4,500 customers—including top brands like Wyndham, McDonald’s, FedEx, and Bank of America—love Raydiant!

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