Face Tracking Software

What is a Face Tracking Software?

A face tracking software is a computer program that is endowed with special technology to recognize a human face and apply various algorithm to analyze data that appertains to that particular individual. A Face Tracking Camera captures a digital image of a person then detects the face as the dominant part. The image is then transmitted to the tracking software which connects to the face tracker online into the database with millions of face images. The image from the face tracking camera is identified in the database and then the biometric data of the person captured shows up. The data is isolated and analyzed according to the commands issued to extract the required information.

Face tracking software is very useful today. Firstly, in security matters. A face tracking camera is fixed at strategic points in institutions, businesses premises, and residences to capture images of people. The face images are then sent to the face tracker online and the command station where they are viewed and examined. Faces are also identified for the positive purpose of identification and verification, for instance at the airport. Face tracking is also used in photography and filming to manipulate particular faces for the film.

How does Face Tracking software work?

Generally, most face-tracking software is based upon the Viola–Jones object detection framework, which provides an algorithm for separating faces from non-faces. It is the first object detection framework, proposed back in 2001, to provide competitive object detection rates in real-time.


Algorithm refers to a systematic set of instructions which directs a biometric system on what to do. In this case, a sequence of commands is issued in steps by the tracking software. For example, make the image clear, match it with the existing templates, and display biodata.
The algorithm is a crucial aspect of technology that saves the analyst time that would have been wasted on manual procedures. The picture analyst programs the software to deliver certain objectives without any manual intervention. These digital procedures are fast and accurate hence help to prevent human error when dealing with biometric data.


This refers to the physical traits that are unique to every individual. Biometric mainly entails the features of the human faces: appearance, iris scans, cheeks, mouth, and smile. This data is captured by a face tracking camera then conveyed to the face tracker online then computed in the database for use in the larger part of the unit known as the biometric system.
Biometric is beneficial for identifying individuals by their unique features for validation and to identify counterfeit. For example, when a fraudster produces a fake identity card it can be easily noticed.

IP Surveillance

This refers to an advanced CCTV surveillance system that involves face tracking and transmission to an internet protocol network. A Face Tracker online receives digital signals bearing the portrait of a particular person. The tracking software executes an algorithm that relays the data from the face tracking camera to the face tracker online.
IP Surveillance is important because it facilitates instant and fast recording and transmission of facial data online. This helps to gather quick intelligence information to help trace the location of a wanted criminal who is on the move using every face tracking camera at any place he or she goes.

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