Face Search

What Is Face Search?

Face search is the process through which a computing device is able to identify a particular face or number of faces in a database of images or in a video stream. To identify faces in a face search, a computer will use software powered by artificial intelligence and machine or deep learning. Deep learning and machine learning, as processes, use complex algorithms to imitate the human mind, and are able to improve and become more accurate with time. This means that established face search software provides near human levels of accuracy.

How does Face Search work?

By using machine or deep learning, face search works to pick out a face or number of faces using a learned understanding of facial landmarks.

The most known and popular applications of face search are Celebrity face search tools and “Find your doppelganger” apps. These applications allow you to upload a picture of yourself or another person and then run a search online or in another publicly available dataset to find your ‘“lookalike.”

Face search technology can also be partnered in this way with face matching technology which matches two or more photos in order to identify or verify a likeness. This offers great benefits in several use cases- from preventing fraud to streamlining payment verification and improving customer experience.

There are a number of additional ways in which face search can be used in business settings.

How is Face Search used in business?

Loyalty Programs

Face search allows businesses to utilize their loyalty program database at self-service checkouts. Upon recognizing an individual’s face from the VIP database, the computer at the checkout would automatically apply any discounts or show targeted messages based on the individual’s purchase history.

Access Control

Face search technology can be used in corporate business settings to grant or deny access to the building for employees or frequent visitors.The technology can detect and search for a visitor’s face on a locally saved database to confirm if they should gain entry. This type of entrance control system reduces time and cost for businesses as it relieves security guards of this duty.

Security Functionality

One of the clearest benefits of face search to companies and venues with physical locations is the security function that it offers. By searching for faces in a crowd and matching this to images in a database, face search technologies can help pinpoint known suspects.

The difference between Face Search and Face Analysis

It is important to note the difference between face search and face analysis as the two technologies are often confused.

While face analysis offers a range of insights based on a singular face, face search simply matches an image of a person’s face to one in a database. Another key difference is that face analysis is completely anonymous. The technology is able to see and analyze faces in real time in order to estimate age, gender, emotions and more, with the objective to give commercial analytical insights for example retailers and digital display advertisers. While face search works on a simpler functionality of matching facial landmarks with the objective for example to give access to locations for a phone.

Face Analysis Solutions

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