Digital Signage Analytics

What’s Digital Signage Analytics?

Digital Signage Analytics is a computer vision technology that provides pivotal information about the audience that comes into contact with the screen. Essentially, it is an audience measurement tool. Marketers who place ads on networks of digital screens want to know how many people are seeing them, and also the demographics of that audience.

What are some of the features found in Digital Signage Analytics?

Consumer characteristics

There are many audience analytics solutions available, breaking down consumer activity and behavior. The video version gives businesses a much more detailed look at individuals who come in contact with digital signage. Through cameras mounted or installed into the monitors, digital signage analytics software can show everything from the length of time someone views an ad or message to exactly who viewed it and correlate the effectiveness of those spots.

Consumer interests

Not only does digital signage analytics provide information about who the audience is, it also provides a deeper understanding of what their interests are. For example, Raydiant's digital signage analytics software allows businesses to also measure head poses. This information is crucial to understanding where people are looking or what they are paying the most attention to.

Buyer behavior

On top of learning about who the audience is and what products are they interested in, digital signage analytics can also give feedback about what products are selling well and what are not. This data can then be compared to actual sales to get a better understanding of products that are converting.

Why Digital Signage Analytics is important?

Data produced by analytical impressions empowers businesses to make a host of changes on the fly. For instance, they can spot immediately what content or ads are effective with customers. This can go so far as to compare sales figures of certain products based on the times of the day and frequency of the ads for the respective item.

People counting for Digital Signage

Analytics software can also be used to count the number of shoppers entering a store, or into any given area. Some of the features of using analytics software for counting people are:

  • Human-traffic counting through the area,

  • Determining in-store conversion; comparing the number of visitors against the number of buyers

  • Determining attendance peaks and falls through the day

  • Using demographics for selling ad time on your network

A good way to count shoppers is to place a free-standing digital sign with a webcam pointed at the entrance. The display can show daily specials and announcements while it counts shoppers.

Adding analytics to digital signage opens up many opportunities for businesses looking to take advantage of digital place-based media. Computer vision technology such as Face Analysis software offers sophisticated analytics that advertisers need to validate their media spend.

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