Run Your Restaurant Right with Raydiant and Dash

According to Forbes, not only is digital ordering not going away, but in 2022 it’s looking to become more of a mainstay for restaurants.

Online orders, curbside pickup, contactless dining, and delivery (from the restaurant as well as third-party apps) are a must for restaurants who want to meet the needs of today’s diner. And when it comes to juggling digital orders from all directions, managing back-end processes, and boosting revenue with engaging digital signage, the struggle is real for restaurant owners. Thankfully, Raydiant technology is up to the challenge. And now, with partner and order management provider Dash, we’ve brought even more tools into the fold. 

Manage All Your Orders in One Place 

As many as 42.3% of diners prefer takeout and delivery options to dining at a restaurant. That’s almost half of your business! It’s also why it’s important that your digital orders—from all sources—are managed properly.

Between in-house orders, curbside pickup, contactless and mobile orders, third-party delivery apps, and other services, it can get confusing fast. Orders get lost or dropped completely, food gets cold, customers get mad, and negative online reviews get written. That’s not to mention what’s going on in the kitchen and with wait staff, who can burn out easily from the constant chaos. 

Dash is an integrated order management system that brings together all your digital orders into one system. Dash syncs order activity across channels (online, mobile, and third-party apps), so your kitchen and staff always know the next order (and your customers always get what they want, when they ask for it). 

Always Know What’s Out, What’s on Re-order 

When it comes to keeping customers happy and more money in your pocket, inventory management is key. That is, the way Dash does it is key. You see, Dash is not only for digital orders—it’s also a powerful inventory management system. With Dash, you can keep track of what’s running low and what’s out completely. It even forecasts what you will need based on past sales trends, upcoming events, and more. Plus, it’s set up to sync with your digital menus everywhere, so anytime there’s an ingredient out of stock, your menus are updated, removing certain items until you’re replenished. Why is this so important to your customer experience and your pocketbook?

Customers can be fickle creatures—and with almost unlimited restaurant choices out there, they can afford to be. So when their favorite item is on the menu but not available, it can be just enough to make them go elsewhere (or leave a nasty online review). And what about the money and food you waste when your inventory is managed poorly? That’s money most restaurants can’t afford to waste in these hard-hit pandemic times. Dash keeps it all running smoothly, for an efficiency you and your customers will appreciate.

Change Your Menus as Fast as Your Mind 

Need to make a last-minute menu change? Add a seasonal dish? Replace everyday prices with promotional ones? Dash lets you update all your digital menus in one place. From your website menu to third-party apps and everywhere in between, you can make menu changes across the board in seconds. What about your digital menu boards? Simply log into your Raydiant dashboard and change those in seconds too! It’s never been easier to pivot your menu, try new things, and offer last-minute low prices and promotions! Raydiant and Dash are the duo that gets it done—and fast!

Don’t have an online menu? Dash makes it easy to make one! It takes a few minutes to create, and lets you offer the menu items, takeout options, and pricing you want. In fact, you control every detail of your menu, down to the design (which Dash helps with). Order status notifications, promo messages, and other customer communication are built into the system, for unparalleled convenience. 

Know Your Customers, Know Your Sales 

Not only does Dash help you manage your restaurant—it helps you grow it too, with customer management tools that track important insights. Detailed customer profiles, buying patterns and behavior, repeat business, promotional sales, and more—Dash tracks, measures, and analyzes it all. This is the stuff of marketer’s dreams! Customer insights like these are key for creating personalized, targeted marketing campaigns that bring in more business, boost revenue, and turn first-time diners into regulars. 

And what about the perks that keep customers interested? We’re talking loyalty programs, limited-time offers, gift cards, and other promotions. Dash handles all of it—and at no extra cost to you. 

Better Back-of-House Efficiency 

In a time where employees can be hard to find and retain, your restaurant staff is no exception. Offering them the technology they need to do their job efficiently, and with significantly less chaos (read: getting yelled at by disgruntled customers), will be much appreciated. Dash streamlines the back-of-house processes that cause the most angst. Creating a smoother order process and inventory management system means your staff has the tools they need, when they need them, to help customers. 

Real-Time Customer Feedback  

Online reviews can make or break a restaurant. What if there was a way to get more of the good stuff and less of the bad? Dash offers a private feedback mechanism for customers, so you can address and diffuse negative messages immediately and privately. This means fewer negative reviews living on your Yelp page forever. Instead, you get more of the glowing reviews that bring customers to your door. (And since 45% of Yelpers check restaurant reviews before dining, this is a big deal.) Talk about keeping customers happy and your reputation protected!

Raydiant and Dash: The Restaurant Dream Team

If you’re already a Raydiant customer, you know the power of the platform. Not only can you create, display, schedule, and even update gorgeous digital signs and menu boards, but you also have access to a large app library. The Raydiant dashboard puts all of the tools you need to create a memorable in-location experience at your fingertips—everything from AR technology and custom background music to social media walls and powerful POS integrations. And now, our partnership with Dash adds order, inventory, and customer management to the list, all available in a complementary platform (at an additional cost).

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