Our New Partnership: Raydiant and AirVūz

Introducing Our New Partnership

It’s tough for brick-and-mortars to succeed in today’s increasingly digitized world.

Whether you’re a retail store, restaurant, bar, gym, medical space, or office building, it’s more critical than ever to create engaging in-location experiences to delight your customers and guests.

Want a simple tactic to improve your physical space and elevate your brand? Transform your television screens by streaming visually stunning 4k video drone footage from AirVūz, our new app integration partner.

Meet AirVūz

AirVūz is the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform.

Hundreds of content creators from around the world upload and share drone videos and photos to AirVūz daily. Creators include some of the world’s best professional aerial videographers and racing drone pilots on earth.

With AirVūz, brick-and-mortar business owners gain access to an ever-growing library of drone video footage to stream onto television screens. This offers owners an ability to play stock music with chosen videos.

Curated Content

In order to simply source drone video footage, AirVūz uses an in-house studio to create and curate original programming for the community.

AirVūz also offers easily browsable collections of footage that are segmented by places and topics such as travel, nature, and sports.

As a result, AirVūz makes it easy to find and stream the absolute best 4k drone videos to your television screens in-location.

What are the benefits of streaming drone video footage in-location?

Brick-and-mortar business owners know it’s difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Displaying gorgeous, on-brand 4k drone video footage on your screens is the perfect way to impress your customers and improve their in-location experience.

Streaming visually stunning 4k drone and aerial videos on television screens offers three key benefits to brick-and-mortar businesses:

  • Improve your physical space

  • Elevate your brand

  • Delight your customers

Improve Your Physical Space

To start, let’s talk about one of the biggest benefits to streaming high quality, 4k drone video footage on televisions: They enhance your location’s experience.

Streaming beautiful video transforms screens and enhances locations like retail stores, restaurants, bars, gyms, healthcare spaces, offices, and other business spaces.

Gorgeous, high quality drone footage boosts the visual appeal of a space and heightens the customer experience. Additionally, AirVūz content also allows for the ability to play stock music.

With AirVūz, business owners can improve their physical spaces and enhance the customer experience by streaming tailored video content to television screens.

Elevate your brand

What are other benefits to streaming beautiful drone video footage on television screens across any form of business?

Playing drone video footage on screens in-location allows for business owners to amplify branding and even broadcast company values without words. Imagine drone views of Bologna, Italy in an authentic wood-fire pizza restaurant or soothing nature videos in a medical office’s waiting room. Drone video footage plays a major role in building an atmosphere that further elevates the product/service.

This kind of visual storytelling is an effective, affordable, and subtle marketing tool that elevates branding and heightens the reputation of your business. This attention to detail is always appreciated by the most dedicated customers.

By streaming beautiful 4k drone video footage, your television screens offer up an engaging opportunity to deliver brand messaging and company values in a visually attractive manner.

Delight Your Customers

Another benefit to streaming beautiful drone video footage on screens in your location is the opportunity to delight your guests and engage more effectively with customers.

Streaming jaw-dropping 4k drone video footage on television screens elevates your physical space and delights your customers. Guests waiting in the lobby have something fun to focus on and can improve the in-location customer experience.

Additionally, your television screens offer up an opportunity to broadcast your company’s brand values without the need to communicate a single word.

So what’s the bottom line? Enhancing your brick-and-mortar’s television screens with astonishingly beautiful 4k drone video footage is the perfect way to elevate your brand, improve your physical space, and delight customers.

Transform Your Televisions

Raydiant is dedicated to making brick-and-mortar businesses succeed. That’s why we’ve partnered with AirVūz.

Streaming gorgeous AirVūz drone footage on television screens elevates brick-and-mortar’s branding, enhances physical locations, and delights customers.

Are you ready to transform your physical space and television screens with AirVūz?

As a Raydiant subscriber, you also gain access to AirVūz.

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