4 Reasons Why Raydiant is a Must-Have for Food Trucks

Food trucks have their own unique challenges over other restaurants.

There’s limited refrigeration space to keep inventory fresh, and also limited prepping space. You also have to deal with parking permits, mobile vending laws, and rival food trucks and restaurants. And on top of that, a mobile atmosphere makes it difficult to maintain a consistent internet connection for POS transactions and social media marketing (a necessity in the food truck business). Plus, your customers expect you to provide the same quality of food and service as fixed restaurants—and faster!

Mobile challenges require mobile solutions, and Raydiant’s recent partnership with tech company Simplifi meets these needs directly. Raydiant’s cloud-based digital displays made possible by Simplifi’s uninterrupted internet connectivity makes Raydiant technology a must-have for any successful food truck business. Here are four reasons why:

Reason #1: Make On-the-Fly Menu Updates with Digital Menu Boards

Promoting a new menu item or local event? Want to tell customers where you’ll be next and when you’ll be back in that location? Looking to save money on menu design and re-printing costs? Paydiant’s easy-to-use digital technology can help with all of that.

Upload vibrant digital menu boards that can be updated instantly—and from any connected device. And Raydiant’s advanced system allows you to easily schedule menus by the day, week, month, season, or availability—all without interrupting peak-hour productivity to change menu boards.

Plus, Raydiant allows you to create or simply upload high-res graphics and live event calendars on your screen or screens. Make updates when you need to—and from any device.

Installing Raydiant is easy and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Simply plug our ScreenRay device into the HDMI port of any TV, and your screen (or screens, for multiple applications) is connected to our cloud-based software.

Reason #2: Top Rival Food Trucks with Attention-Grabbing Graphics

As a food truck, you have the advantage of capturing more eyes with your marketing displays. You have no door to walk through, like a traditional eatery, so passersby can’t help but see your displays. Take advantage of this captive audience with bold, crisp graphics and dynamic animations that will make them stop in their tracks! And Raydiant’s user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to create, upload, and schedule content from any device—onsite or off—with internet connectivity.

Use Raydiant software to share your brand story in a colorful video on loop. Or upload digital menu boards, promotional videos, and a real-time food truck schedule. Display live weather, news, and even your live social media feed to engage with (and market to) customers while they wait to order.

Reason #3: Market on Social Media from Anywhere—Even with No Wi-Fi

It’s no secret that social media marketing plays an especially important role in the success of a food truck. From high-res photos and searchable hashtags on Instagram to sending your Facebook Messenger list location updates, it’s vital that you stay engaged with current and future customers. Not to mention sharing your location with customers via location apps like Food Moves and Roaming Hunger—all of this requires a fast, and reliable, internet connection.

Simplifi’s plug-and-play router gives you an instant broadband internet connection for up to 32 simultaneous users. Setup is easy, and the connection is secure (with security measures that include IPsec and SPI/Firewall). Its remote management platform is user-friendly even for the “non-techies” on the team, and yet the technology is both advanced and affordable for small businesses, allowing them immediate and uninterrupted internet access without Wi-Fi and wherever there’s a cellular signal.

Reason #4: Power All Your Systems with a Fast, Reliable Internet Connection

Get all the benefits of Raydiant software—from digital menu boards and live event calendars to videos and music playlists—in areas without traditional Wi-Fi with Simplifi connectivity. On top of ensuring that you get all the benefits of Raydiant, you can also connect your POS system to Simplifi, ensuring fast, interruption-free productivity all day, every day, and from wherever you are parked.

With Simplifi, there is no more spotty Wi-Fi, which means no more telling clients you can’t accept credit cards because of connectivity issues. It also means no more slow transactions causing slow, backed up lines. Instead, get your customers in and out fast with a POS system that is securely connected to fast internet. And with Simplifi, there will be no more missed sales opportunities: post your location, upcoming events, and promotions on social media with an internet connection you can count on.

Learn More about Raydiant

Raydiant is a cloud-based digital technology that allows restaurants, retailers, and other businesses to turn their TVs into dynamic signage and marketing displays with interactive content. Our simple plug-and-play technology uses a ScreenRay device that plugs into an HDMI cable in the back of your TV. After a quick setup to get started, you’ll be ready in minutes. Raydiant’s intuitive software allows you to access and update all of your media from anywhere with an internet connection.

Once you’re set up, you can create, upload, update, and schedule a variety of media—from music playlists and looping videos to digital menus and live event calendars—all from one cloud-based interface. Use Raydiant’s innovative technology to tell customers about the new flavors they are trying or what made you start your brand, using colorful videos, fun social content, and more. Play it all on screen to entertain (and educate) your customers as they wait in line.

Learn More about Simplifi

Simplifi is an internet connectivity solution that uses a plug and play, LTE enabled router to provide a consistent, secure internet connection. The Simplifi router can be plugged into any outlet, and the guided setup process takes a few moments. Simplifi works off of a cellular network and can be used with or without a cellular plan. This technology is especially helpful for remote businesses like food trucks, which use business applications that rely on internet connectivity and where Wi-Fi availability may be nonexistent or unreliable.

Utilizing Simplifi’s reliable internet connectivity expands Raydiant’s reach to businesses that aren’t brick and mortar. That means that they can enjoy the far-reaching benefits of Raydiant’s multimedia technology and enjoy internet connectivity they can rely on. Sounds like a great partnership to us!

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