3 Strategies For Attracting More Advertisers To Your Digital Signage Network

Methods for Attracting More Advertisers to your DOOH Network

In a world of ad blockers and banner blindness, out-of-home advertising via digital signage is becoming more and more popular.
However, it can still be a challenge for digital signage network owners to recruit the right advertisers to purchase advertising space on their networks. If you’re a network owner yourself, you will understand this challenge all too well.
In this article, we’re going to explore three strategies you can use to encourage more advertisers to promote their content using your network.

1 – Know Your Audience

This is two-fold: you need to know the audience that’s viewing your digital screens, and you also need to know which advertisers to work with.
If you know who is viewing your screens – how many people, at what times, and of what age group and gender – then you already have quite a bit of information that you can use to determine which advertisers might be most interested in advertising on your network. Combine that information with the knowledge of the physical placements of your screens, and you have a near-complete picture.
Say, for example, that you have a screen in a shopping mall. You already know that it would make sense to approach the stores within the mall about advertising on your screen. And local businesses within the vicinity of the mall may also be interested in the advertising opportunities you can offer them.
But what about advertisers who want to target audiences based on factors other than location alone? A manufacturer of educational baby toys, for example, could be very interested to know that at least 60% of your audience during weekday mornings consists of young mothers and grandparents.
To successfully attract the right advertisers, you need to find out who your segmented screen audiences are, and then figure out which advertisers would benefit from advertising to these audiences. This leads us into points two and three.

2 – Focus on data

Don’t guess who your audience is. Make sure you get accurate and reliable data that you can present to advertisers with confidence (Tip: use face analysis to do this.). If possible, include case studies to show how your data insights translate into real results for your clients.
With all the measurement and targeting options available in the online advertising environment, advertisers have become used to making data-driven decisions with regard to buying. They also expect accurate performance statistics to measure their pre-defined KPIs. Show them that the same approach is possible in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) environment.
With the use of the right technology, you can demonstrate that their ads are shown to the right audiences at the right times.

3 – Have the right technology in place

To apply the first two strategies successfully, you need to have the right hardware and software in place. Aside from the obvious, which means having high-quality, reliable screens, you need software to:

  • Play your content (media players, CMS)

  • Measure your audience (face analysis software)

Ideally, you could integrate these two to deliver tailored content based on real-time viewer data, which drives the highest value to your clients.

We help you meet your software needs by providing various options for audience measurement. Depending on what you’re looking for, we can offer you:

  • Face analysis software in the form of a ready-to-use Toolkit.

  • Face analysis software in the form of an SDK, which you can develop into a full solution yourself.

  • A cloud-based face analysis tool (for image-based face analysis).

  • A combined hardware and software solution, which includes a camera, computer, and face analysis software all in one.

  • Ready integrations, which seamlessly combine our face analysis software with a reporting dashboard or CMS.

With the right audience insights at your fingertips, you can easily attract more advertisers to your digital signage network. Contact us to find out how you can start collecting invaluable data today.

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