Walls.io is a marketing platform that aggregates and curates content from more than 13 popular social media platforms to create gorgeous, custom social walls for businesses and events. In the brick-and-mortar environment, social media walls boost engagement, creating a fun and engaging experience for in-location customers with increased revenue as a result. Brands can post their trending hashtags, promotions, and user-generated content for always fresh, ever up-to-date social walls that keep customers entertained and better able to visualize your brand’s benefits.

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  • Mix Up Your Displays for Endless Engagement

    Along with content from your social platforms, you can also upload your own images, videos, and text to walls manually. And as a Raydiant integration, Walls.io can be used to create full-time or part-time social walls, depending on your needs. If you want to mix up your Raydiant-enabled screens so that one or more are used as social walls, while others function as digital menu boards, promotional displays, or something else, you can do that. Want to set your screens so they display only part time as social walls? Or control the screen content based on the time of day, season, or current events? Anything is possible with Raydiant and Walls.io.

  • Control Your Content with Advanced Moderation Tools

    Walls.io offers advanced moderation tools so that users can automatically or manually control the content on their social walls. Built-in spam detection filters, blacklists, and customization options (like excluding certain keywords and blocking users) makes it easy to keep everything you want—and nothing you don’t—on your social walls. This means your social walls will never be hijacked with spam, offensive content, or anything else that’s off-brand. Instead, your walls will be full of content from hashtag campaigns, trusted social media profiles, and other whitelisted sources.

  • Make it Yours with Custom and Branded Designs

    You get to choose how your social walls look—and Walls.io offers several ready-made designs that you can tweak to fit your brand and aesthetic. Choose from popular themes, like Bricks (for larger images on large displays), Fluid (a responsive tile design), Grid (a neat, structured design), and Kiosk (best for trade shows and showroom displays). Want to brand your social walls? Walls.io makes it easy to add a logo, brand colors, your website URL, and other items that make your wall your own.

  • Build Brand Trust with User-Generated Content

    An astounding 90% of customers say that online recommendations from consumers significantly influence their buying decisions. Don’t let your user-generated content go to waste—every time a customers’ tweets, grams, or posts on Facebook about how much they love your brand, put it on your social walls! Use Walls.io to easily pull hashtags, mentions, and other glowing online reviews—and from all your social media platforms—to one social feed you can proudly display on your Raydiant screens.

How Walls.io Integrates with Raydiant

The Walls.io app is available as part of our In-Location Experience Platform, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Raydiant customers with a Walls.io subscription can use their Raydiant-enabled screens, at one or more of their locations, as social media walls to entertain their customers for better sales and repeat business. For more information, book a free demo today.

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