by TimeWellScheduled

Employee management has never been easier than with our partner, TimeWellScheduled (TWS). This software platform has everything today’s business owners and managers need to stay on top of scheduling, time tracking, and employee communication. Integrate TWS with Raydiant’s digital signage and employee experience platform, and you’ve got one powerhouse of a workplace tool. Here’s how this integration will transform the way you do business.

Easy time and attendance tracking

Always know who’s working when, and ensure your time tracking is always on point. TWS streamlines your time and attendance tracking, making it so much more manageable—whether you’re a small business or a large chain. Make schedules, and schedule changes, in no time—and use your Raydiant-enabled office screens to display them in common areas so you and your workers are always up to date. Between Raydiant and TWS, your back-of-house workflows just got so much easier—and your internal communication more eye catching.

Mobile shift notifications, payroll, and more

Notify your team immediately when there’s a shift change or message that can’t wait with mobile alerts. View and download TWS data without the hassle of manual time card entries. And access real-time reports and other important data from your phone, including data from integrations with most popular payroll platforms. TWS makes it easy to manage it all from your phone, so no one skips a beat.

Office signage that amplifies your message

Improve internal communication by putting your shift schedules and other important staff info on the big screens. Use your workplace TVs as notification stations that display the latest TWS data, news, and announcements to your employees in real time. Studies show that digital signs are viewed 400% more than static signs, so make sure your staff is always in the know with displays that communicate clearly and effectively.

A remote-powered workplace made possible

Both TWS and Raydiant are cloud-based platforms that you can access and manage from any device with internet. Whether you’re at work, home, or on the road, keep track of your employee schedules, time cards, payroll, and other important information. You can even manage your at-work signage while you’re away, keeping employee communication front and center even when you can’t be there.

How we integrate

TWS and Raydiant work together to make the day-to-day tasks of running a business more manageable and efficient for business owners and managers. Together, the platforms create clearer internal communication for a better employee experience that boosts productivity, streamlines workflows, and reduces turnover. A Raydiant subscription and a TWS subscription are required to benefit from this integration. To learn more, visit raydiant.com.