The popular workplace messaging platform Slack is now available on the Raydiant Experience platform. Via an integration with Hoopla by Raydiant, Slack lets you communicate with your team and celebrate your employees and their achievements in real time. Whether your team is in the office, remote, or a mix of the two, Slack makes sure you stay connected and up to date.

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Slack Integration Overview

  • Get More Eyes on Company Announcements

    Do you really want to let important work announcements get buried in your employee’s inbox? Slack messages get seen quicker than an email, and their message heard faster than any voicemail. And, just like an email blast, you can send your Slack message to the entire company—and even push it to your Hoopla leaderboards in the office.

  • Multiple Channels = More Communication

    Create a channel for each team, department, or project to keep communication flowing freely. Stream your Hoopla performance data directly to your Slack messages to cheer your workmates on during team contests. Keep them up to date and in the know by getting your message directly to those who need it.

  • Recognize and Celebrate Employees

    Automatically recognize employee and team achievements from your Hoopla metrics with an instant Slack message. Create a separate channel for your accolades, or share it in company-wide slack messages to get the message out far and wide. Use Slack channels to introduce new teammates, celebrate birthdays and special events, and share public congratulations for team mates who reach important goals.

  • Push Live Alerts and Newsflashes

    Did you just close a deal or land a huge client? Or maybe you just want to remind everyone it’s Taco Tuesday in the breakroom? Use Slack to send important alerts to your Hoopla office screens. You can also trigger a Slack Newsflash to display on your screens—and even set the system so that it automatically sends a Newsflash anytime it detects a pattern.

How Slack Integrates with Hoopla

Connect Slack with Hoopla to post leaderboard updates, contest scores, employee recognition, and celebrate wins to any Slack channel. You can even post right to TV channels from within Slack with this powerful 2-way integration.

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  • RequirementsSlack Subscription
    Hoopla Subscription
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