ScentAir is a scent marketing platform that helps create stronger connections with in-location customers through fragrance. Now offered by Raydiant as an add-on technology, ScentAir helps brick-and-mortar companies to create a more meaningful and multisensory customer experience that drives revenue and repeat business.

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  • Engage Customers with Sensory ScentAir Technologies

    Two-thirds of businesses compete through customer experience, yet many are being left by the wayside from lackluster in-location experiences. Customers use all of their senses to make purchase decisions, and this includes their sense of smell. In fact, fragrance has such a strong link to emotion that it can increase customer satisfaction by 20% when strategically used by retailers and other industries. ScentAir harnesses this power of aroma as the top-rated scent machine for brick-and-mortar brands, offering a complex array of customizable fragrances to bring your in-store experience to another level.

  • Use Scent Marketing to Connect with Customers

    ScentAir offers scent marketing to companies and organizations large and small. The ScentDirect device is a scent delivery system designed to disperse a pleasant hint of fragrance across up to 4,000 square feet of space. For smaller retail stores and commercial spaces, the Whisper PRO machine diffuses pleasing scents across up to 1,000 square feet. Both machines are compact and lightweight, fit easily into any space and design, and create memorable connections with in-store customers through the most powerful of our senses. Choose from a library of non-toxic fragrance recipes derived from essential oils, or let the ScentAir team help you curate a custom fragrance all your own.

  • Experience a Scent Machine for Business Spaces

    Designed for the commercial sector, ScentAir technologies modeled their scent machines after the needs of a brick-and-mortar business. This includes creating compact, lightweight devices that aesthetically blend into any space. They also literally fit into any space—tuck them discreetly in a corner or wall mount them with ease. Whisper quiet, they disperse an invisible mist of fragrance evenly and discreetly, without creating any unpleasant scent pockets. And their cloud-based interface lets you control these scent machines from anywhere.

  • Benefit from the Leader in Scent Marketing

    For 20 years, ScentAir has helped businesses across the globe create powerful customer experiences through scent marketing. BMW, Hugo Boss, Paul Mitchell, and other top brands use ScentAir technologies to reach customers and improve revenue by expanding their sensory store experience to include fragrance.

How ScentAir Integrates with Raydiant

ScentAir devices are offered as add-on technology, at an additional cost, for Raydiant customers. Though operated independently, both platforms work together to help brick and mortars differentiate and elevate their brand through a multisensory in-location experience. To learn more, contact our Sales team.

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