by Poly

Want better collaboration, more communication, and a better connection with your team? Together, Raydiant and Poly offer smart video conferencing that’s been elevated to meet the needs of today’s workplace, wherever that may be. Enjoy crisp video and audio, a super simple setup, and an instant medium for getting important announcements, reminders, and messages out to your team during downtime between conference call meetings. Turn your video meeting screens into powerful billboard space so teams can stay connected, anytime.

Super simple installation and setup

Raydiant integrates with Poly by offering businesses a way to share dynamic and localized content to employees via Poly’s Studio X and G7500 Android-based room systems. Using Raydiant’s easy-to-use dashboard, IT, internal comms and marketing teams can easily create and display important news announcements and reminders, engaging promotional and inspirational videos, meeting schedules, and more. Raydiant empowers companies to share digital content of all forms such as text, images, or videos, when the displays are not being used during an active meeting. Together, tools like these are proven to boost productivity by 30% and build a stronger work culture through improved communication and collaboration.

Poly’s video conferencing tools include all-in-one systems, mics, speakers, and more: There’s a perfect setup for every type of team and workspace. Installation is super easy—just connect your hardware via the USB port on your PC or Mac. Raydiant’s ScreenRay setup is equally easy—plug it into the HDMI port on your meeting room’s TV, log on to Raydiant’s cloud-based interface on any device, and start creating and displaying content.

HD and 4K for a clearer connection

Never miss a gesture, facial expression, or voice inflection again. Poly’s Ultra HD and 4K technology means your video conferences are crystal clear—and you and your team are showing up 100% for each meeting. High-quality audio, including the ability to block out distractions (think barking dogs and screaming children) with Poly’s advanced NoiseBlockAI technology. Hands-free smart cameras, automatic speaker tracking, and group framing are also included to make your meetings even more meaningful.

Connect on all your favorite video platforms

Poly integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other popular video platforms, so you can still connect the way you’re used to—only now with premium-quality video and audio. Regardless of the size of your meeting, or meeting room, enjoy uninterrupted virtual sessions with team members across the room and globe, and without onboarding new hardware or software.

Get your message out where it counts

Raydiant’s Poly integration brings digital signage into the conference room, allowing you to post important messages to your team between and during meetings. Do you have an important company update, a time-sensitive reminder, or a thank you message for a job well done? Display it with your Raydiant screens! Raydiant content was designed to catch eyes and create conversations through engaging visuals. It’s easy to create designer digital posters, videos, and more through our large app marketplace.

How do we integrate

Poly and Raydiant work together to improve internal communications for workplaces everywhere. Together, Poly’s video conferencing hardware and Raydiant-enabled TV screens turn meeting rooms into communication and collaboration meccas. A Raydiant subscription and Poly hardware (sold separately) are required to enjoy this optimized experience. Interested in bringing Poly and Raydiant to your workplace? Request a demo from our sales team.