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by Greenscreens

Take your cannabis dispensary to the next level with the Raydiant and Greenscreens integration! Greenscreens is a dispensary menu board and digital signage service. Conveniently display digital menu boards to show what’s in stock, educational content for new customers on the benefits of cannabis, and digital content that builds brand awareness. Create the ultimate cannabis experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

Easy dispensary menu board management

Reduce time-consuming operational tasks for your teams. With Greenscreens, you can seamlessly integrate digital menus to your point of sales system! Update pricing and add inventory to your digital menus from one platform. As a bonus, your digital menus will dynamically update. Whenever you make changes from your POS or sell out of an item, your dynamic digital menus will automatically reflect those changes in real time. No more inventory headaches.

Create an accessible dispensary experience with Greenscreens digital menus

For new customers, it can be intimidating and overwhelming when browsing different cannabis products for the first time. With Greenscreens, create a welcoming and memorable experience for new customers. Put together content to educate and inform customers on the health benefits of cannabis, different strains, and suggested servings for consumption. Easily display your content throughout the store to leave customers feeling confident that they can make informed decisions.

In-location marketing with Greenscreens

Are you running multiple digital screens or TVs? Maximize your marketing efforts by displaying branded promotional content alongside your dispensary digital menus. Choose from Greenscreen’s layout options to create a custom design for your digital content. Engage your customers with membership rewards programs, giveaways with QR codes, or daily deals!

How we integrate

Greenscreens Digital Menu is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. This integration creates a symbiotic system, where POS data is shared across components—including self-service kiosks, tablets, digital signage, and digital menu boards. Along with this integration, Raydiant customers have access to the entire Raydiant ecosystem, which includes custom background music, video streaming content, social walls, QR scan-and-go codes, occupancy tracking, AR technology, and more.