How Raydiant Helps this Pizzeria Connect with Customers (with a Side of Extra Revenue)


This seasonal pizzeria uses Raydiant to boost brand awareness, bring locals and tourists together, and make extra revenue with ad space.







It all started with their menu boards: the Phoenix Pizza Company owner Jack Kling didn’t want to bother with them. Climbing up a ladder to change the Eastern Washington eatery’s menu every time he wanted to make changes just wasn’t going to work. So, he called Raydiant—and instead of a slice of help, he got a whole pie-full. The immersive experience he ended up creating for customers and the extra revenue he’s enjoyed as a result causes Kling to “absolutely” recommend Raydiant to other restaurants and businesses.

The restaurant, which has been open in its new iteration for two years after a fire claimed the old site (the name “Phoenix” alludes to it “rising from the ashes,” says Kling), has four Raydiant-powered TV screens. These screens are used as digital menu boards, social media walls, and promotional displays for the restaurant and local businesses. Here’s how the Phoenix Pizza Company uses Raydiant to create an inclusive customer experience, connect with the community, and increase their revenue through promotional displays and ad sales.

Connecting with Customers Through “Phoenix Pride”

Located on Washington’s Columbia River, the Phoenix Pizza Company is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. As a seasonal business (they are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day), this local hangout attracts customers from all over the nation and the world. Kling says he uses one of his Raydiant screens to promote the restaurant while at the same time fostering inclusivity, inviting customers to “show their Phoenix pride” through on-screen photos of customers from all over (even far-flung places like New Zealand) sporting shirts and other restaurant gear. “It helps people feel involved,” says Kling, who also uses the screens to display local Tik Tok videos and other social media images and videos made on location at the pizzeria.

“I can do it right from the kitchen—It’s so easy, I can make pizzas on one hand and update my menu on the other.”


A Digital Community Board that Informs, Uplifts, and Adds Revenue

“We’re a boating community, so people around here are always keeping an eye on weather conditions,” said Kling about why he uses Raydiant’s live weather feed function to display local weather on the side portion of one screen. Another screen is used to advertise the restaurant’s new and seasonal fare and other promotional content. The screen is also used as paid ad space, where local businesses (like real estate agents) advertise their business. They provide Kling artwork and he uses Raydiant’s simple drag-and-drop tools to create gorgeous digital advertisements, which boosts the local economy. “It’s like a digital community board,” says Kling, who has used this high-profile ad space as an extra revenue stream since the restaurant opened.

Kling says he also uses the screen to display public health information since COVID-19. Messaging includes what phase of re-opening the state is in, and health reminders like washing hands, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and staying home if sick. Kling also uses feel-good messaging to bolster the local community through this public health crisis, and to remind them that “we’re all in this together.”

Menu Boards That Update in Seconds—and From Anywhere

Kling loves that he can update his digital menu boards—two screens over the bar that display a food menu and a bar menu—easily and instantly, and without climbing up there every time they run out of something, or there’s a price change. Instead, he uses his iPad to access Raydiant’s cloud-based interface. “I can just pull up the iPad and make a change, and it takes about 13 seconds to update on my menu boards, “Kling explains. In fact, it’s so easy to do, Kling says he can multi-task while doing it: “I can do it right from the kitchen—It’s so easy, I can make pizzas on one hand and update my menu on the other.”

Scheduling dayparting menus is another feature the pizzeria owner appreciates. “We stop making pizzas at 9pm, “Kling says, “but the bar menu is still available.” Raydiant makes it easy to schedule dayparting menus to change or stop displaying at certain days and times. Plus, digital menu boards often look nicer and customers find them easier to read than paper or chalk menu boards. And, Kling is relieved to admit, you don’t have to have perfect penmanship using digital menus. You can simply type, click, and have attractive, legible menus customers can see as soon as they enter your door! Digital menu boards are also proven to decrease a customer’s perceived wait time in line by up to 35%, giving restaurants like the Phoenix Pizza Company a faster, more streamlined ordering process—and a better customer experience.

“It works the way you want it to work.”


An Easy-to-Use, Affordable System That Adds Value

“It works the way you want it to work,” says Kling about Raydiant’s user-friendly interface. “It has a clean format, and it’s incredibly easy to use. If you have basic computer skills, it’s pretty self-explanatory.” But Raydiant’s intuitive system isn’t the only reason he decided on Raydiant over its competitors. “I knew I wanted digital signage, but being that it’s a seasonal restaurant, I didn’t want to have to pay for something for 12 months out of the year. Raydiant worked with me and set up a subscription that worked well with—and was affordable for— my business model.”

About Raydiant for Restaurants

Raydiant’s Experience Platform helps restaurants increase sales by creating an interactive, multi-dimensional experience that engages customers and connects them to your brand. Digital signage has been proven to increase restaurant revenue more than 30%, and increases sales of promotional items by as much as 37%. Raydiant’s dragand-drop tools make it easy to create designer-level content for promotional content that bring your menu to life with delicious sizzle reels.

Restaurants love Raydiant because it saves them time and money used on updating dayparting and special menus, and it keeps all online menus on various menu platforms updated at the click of a button. Raydiant’s large app library also includes an app that lets you create and play custom, mood-based playlists that fit your restaurant’s vibe—and require no music licensing.


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