Raydiant brings the team together, wherever you are

Remote teams will stay productive & connected to the culture, no matter where you’re working from

Partner with the only platform that integrates an always-on business portal with a robust messaging and communication hub to empower remote teams and businesses to interact as if they were in the same room.

All-In-One Communications & Messaging Hub

Like an Echo Show or Nest Hub, the Raydiant Virtual Room enables businesses to design a focused internal communications experience for employees or customers on a dedicated hub separate from their workstation or laptop.

The World’s Easiest Video Conference Endpoint

Video conferencing hardware is expensive and clunky, and it requires lots of manual software installation on mini PCs.

The Raydiant Virtual Room was designed to be lightweight and rapidly deployed, whether you’re setting up a conference room in the main office or an employee’s home office. With the tablet or plug-and-play play version bundle, users can set up a fully functional interactive virtual room in less than five minutes.

Additionally, easy and intuitive controls supporting touch (tablet) or the simple remote control (plug-and-play hub) make this the most delightful video conference system yet. The Raydiant Virtual Room comes in two flavors:

Plug & Play Hub

Turn any TV into a conference room in minutes. Just plug in the bundled camera, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the internet, and you’ll be up and running in on time.

Included in the Plug-and-Play Hub

  • ScreenRay Pro w/ Ethernet & WiFi Connectivity (LTE Optional)
  • HD Camera
  • Clicker Remote

Tablet Hub

For an even more compact, all-in-one communications hub, the Virtual Room Tablet Hub (powered by Microsoft) works right out of the box and sits neatly at the corner of a desk or goes with you where and when you need it. Now you can connect with your team, and get important on-screen updates that don’t interfere with your face-to-face time—and on a separate device from your workstation.

Included in the Tablet Hub

  • ScreenRay Tablet w/ WiFi (LTE Optional)
  • HD Camera

Works with Multiple Video Conference Platforms

The average corporation uses two to three different video conference platforms internally to stay connected. That means having to lock everyone into one video conference endpoint solution or needing to deploy multiple solutions.

With Raydiant, our elegant room solution will work with any major platform. Out of the box, the Raydiant Virtual Room supports BlueJeans and Zoom video conferencing, with support for WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and more systems (coming later this year).

Hangout in Rooms

Virtual Room is so easy and affordable that every employee can have their own hub. Persistent gallery rooms allow dispersed teams to stay socially connected over video even when not in a scheduled meeting.

With Virtual Room’s navigation, it’s super easy for users to hop between secure company, team-specific, or social rooms without having to constantly fumble around with meeting IDs or calendar invites. Plus, Virtual Room makes it easy to navigate between “rooms” at the click of a button—and joining the meeting in a matter of seconds, without clicking a link or entering a password.

Second Screen Communications

As a second screen video-communications hub, this system allows employees to stay continuously connected with their teams without getting distracted from the focused work on their main workstation or laptop. Companies can broadcast focused messaging, dashboards, announcements, and more through a touch- or remote control-enabled interface.

Fleet-Managed Devices

Thanks to Raydiant’s device fleet management capabilities, it’s easy to centrally customize the client experience across all devices, broadcast messaging and content, initiate all-hands meetings, and remotely troubleshoot or diagnose device issues for deployed equipment.

Maintain Your Company’s Strong Culture

Learn more about the Raydiant Virtual Room keeps teams connected, company cultures strong, and departments in sync for today’s workplaces.

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