Setting up your screen

Better screen signage is just a few steps away!

What you’ll need to get started

  1. Your ScreenRay and its adapters
  2. A TV with HDMI port to plug it into
  3. A WiFi device, such as a phone or computer
  4. Your WiFi network name and password
  5. Your Raydiant dashboard username and password (Forgot your password?)
  6. A laptop or computer to access your Raydiant dashboard

Connecting your ScreenRay to the Internet

In order to add new content or run dynamic content like YouTube videos, your ScreenRay needs to be online. There are 2 ways to do this, with WiFi or with a wired connection.

WiFi Connection

WiFi is convenient where a wired connection is not accessible.

  • You should see Connect to the WiFi network RAYDIANT-_____ on your TV. Your ScreenRay is broadcasting this temporary WiFi network, which you’ll use to configure your ScreenRay.
    An example ScreenRay configuration network
    1. Using a phone or laptop, go to your WiFi settings and join your ScreenRay’s temporary configuration network. Here are some helpful guides for changing WiFi on iOSAndroidWindows, and macOS.
    2. For most modern phones and laptops, a pop-up window (a captive portal, powered by Resin) will appear automatically. If not, you can manually bring up the window by going to in your phone’s or laptop’s browser.
    3. You should now see a form to pick your business’s WiFi and enter its password. Enter them and click the “Connect” button.

    Pick your business’s WiFi in the Resin captive portal

If you’ve successfully connected your ScreenRay to the internet, your TV will say “We’re Online!”

Wired Ethernet Connection

If a WiFi connection is unavailable or inconsistent, a wired connection may be more dependable.

  1. If your ScreenRay is on, unplug the power cable to ensure a full restart.
  2. Plug your ScreenRay to the HDMI port of your TV. (Do this first to ensure your ethernet cable can reach.)
  3. Plug a USB-to-ethernet adapter into a USB port on your ScreenRay.
  4. Plug the power cable into your ScreenRay and give it a moment to start up.
  5. Continue following the on-screen instructions!

If you’ve successfully connected your ScreenRay via ethernet, you’ll be able to skip the WiFi connection step.


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<em>Wired Ethernet Connection</em><strong>”Connect to the WiFi network…”</strong>

ScreenRay is connected to ethernet cable but TV screen is saying “Connect to the WiFi network RAYDIANT-___”: This can happen if the ScreenRay is turned on before the ethernet cable is plugged in. Just turn the ScreenRay off, plug the ethernet cable in, and turn the ScreenRay back on.

If problem persists, test that the ethernet cable is working by connecting it to another device and confirming it’s able to reach the internet.

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<em>WiFi Connection</em>

<strong>”Unable to connect to WiFi”</strong>

Confirm your WiFi password is correct. If problem persists contact <a class=”jss128″ href=””></a>.

<strong>”Unable to connect to internet due to captive portal”</strong>

In order to connect your ScreenRay to a network protected by a captive portal, follow instructions <a class=”jss128″ href=””>here</a>.

<strong>”I don’t see the network I want to connect to”</strong>

First confirm the network name is correct and other devices (like your phone) are able to access it but the ScreenRay still can’t. If the problem persists, it may be a hidden network. Hidden networks are used to restrict access to the network. For example a business may have 1 WiFi network for patrons, and another hidden one for employees. To connect to a hidden network follow <a class=”jss128″ href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>these instructions</a>.

<strong>Need more help?</strong> <a class=”jss128″ href=””></a>


Activating your ScreenRay

Now that your ScreenRay is connected to WiFi, we need to connect this screen to your dashboard so you can control it.

Activation Code

Now that your ScreenRay is connected to WiFi, you need to connect this screen to your dashboard so you can control it.

  • You should see an Activation Code on your TV screen
    Your screen's Activation Code
    Your screen’s Activation Code
  1. Login to using your laptop or desktop computer. (Don’t know your username or password? Go here.)
  2. Click the “New Screen” button, and enter the 2 word Activation Code shown on your TV.
  3. (You can also name your screen with this form! If not, your screen will share the Activation Code as its name.)
  4. Click the “Activate” button to activate your screen.
    The ‘New Screen’ button at

Your ScreenRay should now be activated. Your ScreenRay may need to download some updates, but you can start deploying content to your new screen right away!


I’m unable to log in to the Raydiant dashboard

To login to your Raydiant dashboard you need your username and password. Your username will be the email address you used when purchasing ScreenRay. Afterwards you should have received an email with a temporary password. If you can’t find the email or have forgotten your password, go here to reset your password. If you can’t recall or would like to change your username, contact

Need more help?