Rewards That Motivate Employees

Points and rewards with Hoopla by Raydiant motivates your employees to always perform at their best. Make them feel special with points and rewards for achievement and behavior.

Let your employees know when they are on the right track with points and rewards.

Everyone likes a little recognition for their hard work. Rewarding your employees for hitting key milestones, winning challenges or just being an awesome person to work with drives high performance and fuels a great company culture. Encourage your employees to be the best they can be with points and rewards that incentivize them to hit their targets and win!

Peer-to-peer recognition promotes collaboration, culture and appreciation for one another.

When your employees bond, suddenly going to work becomes fun and instead of “having to go to work” they want to go to work. Encourage employee bonding by letting your employees show their appreciation for one another with peer-to-peer points sharing.

Rewards that come in all shapes and sizes!

No two employees are alike and everyone is motivated by something different which is why we deliver the world’s most comprehensive rewards platform offering anything from electronics to vacations and everything in between. There’s no limit to rewards your employees can redeem.

Design your rewards store to fit your brand.

Your brand is your identity and you want your employees to remember you when selecting their prizes. Remind them by customizing your rewards store to fit your brand.

Create customized prizes.

Choose from a large variety of prizes that fit your employees and your company culture. Don’t see the reward you want to give out? Looking to add your own personal twist? Create your own prizes such as “lunch with the CEO” or “choose the next company outing” with our customizable rewards feature.

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