Improve Your Business With Digital Signage For Real Estate

The perfect digital signage solution today for the real estate industry of tomorrow.

Are you a real estate agency and looking forward to improving your marketing strategy? Raydiant’s cloud-based digital signage platform for realtors provides real answers to the challenges of running and growing a real estate business in an ever-changing industry. Adapt and thrive with powerful self-showing information portals, dynamic listing displays for effective communication for employees and visitors of your real estate brokerage, and the ability to manage it all remotely from any device, whether it’s from your laptop or phone, and any location. Real estate agencies all over the United States use our digital real estate signs for events like open houses to show photos and helpful information about the listing for sale. Our digital signage software for realtors can take your advertising to the next level.

Give Buyers What They Want

Today’s buyers are increasingly online-oriented. A whopping 98% of millennial homebuyers researched property online before buying1. Raydiant lets you bring the online experience into your office—or the properties themselves—with engaging, information-rich HD displays with our real estate digital signage. Showcase featured listings, trending neighborhoods, or hot deals in the lobby, or create a personalized portfolio presentation for individual clients on the big screen in your office.

The perfect digital signage solution today for the real estate industry of tomorrow.

Supercharge Self-showings

Self-showings are the future of real estate. Buyers love them for all the flexibility and privacy they offer. Companies love them because they don’t require an agent to be physically present, thereby reducing staffing needs. By employing a Raydiant-enabled screen at a listed property, realtors can create gorgeous displays that showcase all the listing details, the comps in the area, and supplementary information about the neighborhood.

Grow Your Footprint

Let’s say we could greatly reduce drive time and the need for agents to be physically present at showings. How much wider could you grow your territory? Raydiant lets you manage your screens from wherever you are. Just access the platform from any device and update one or all of your screens in seconds. You can even update signage to display personalized information or a welcome greeting to prospective buyers—all without leaving the office.

How Real Estate Companies Use Raydiant's Digital Signage to Grow Their Business

In-office Displays

Let your office screens sell for you—without you even speaking. Use Raydiant-enabled digital signage screens to show off a carefully curated set of listings, provide useful information about your area, or introduce your team with appealing multimedia bios.

Window or Streetside Displays

Get more people in the door with signage that grabs their attention from the street. Raydiant helps you create eye-catching displays for your office window, entrance, or lobby. Show off your portfolio and present your company as professional, modern, and forward-thinking with high-res digital signs.

In-home Information Portals

The main drawback of self-showings is that real estate agents aren’t present to provide invaluable information and context. Raydiant-enabled screens placed in available properties help narrow that gap. Using one of 150,000 drag-and-drop templates, agents can remotely create beautiful, informative displays and be on standby to answer questions via phone or text.

Why Realtors Love Raydiant


Unlimited, effortless scalability for companies with multiple branches or offices.


Intuitive cloud-based platform.


Engaging displays reduce perceived wait time for customers by as much as 35%2.


Fantastic space to sell ads to local businesses and generate additional revenue.


Updates instantly, even across multiple screens and locations.


Offers the ability to play background music in crystal clear HD audio for showings.


Allows you to prominently display important public health and safety info in office.


Use QR codes to link to another detail page or video.


Put up signs to showcase information about a property

Display in Real Estate Office.

Ready to Survive—and Thrive—in the Changing Real Estate Industry?

Prepare your company for the future of real estate. Try Raydiant risk free or book a demo today. Promote your listings, introduce your agents, display digital property listings, and give virtual tours; the options are limitless.

Raydiant is a “turnkey” digital signage solution for this high-profile real estate agent.

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