Hospitality Digital Signage: Get Repeat Bookings Through a Better Guest Experience

The ultimate experience platform to make your guests feel like VIPs.

Give your guests get a world-class visit they won’t forget—and will return for—with Raydiant’s Experience Platform. Raydiant has everything you need to take your guest experience to the next level, keeping them entertained and informed throughout their visit. Our platform offers easy-to-create, gorgeous digital displays and more tools for creating a fully immersive guest experience.

Modern Conveniences for the Modern Guest

There’s a reason that Raydiant is trusted by some of the world’s top hotels and resorts: our customers know what their guests want. Today’s guest is looking for much more than a nice place to stay—they’re looking for a seamless visit filled with modern-day conveniences. Raydiant’s digital signs keep guests informed and entertained every step of the way, whether they’re using the signs to navigate the hotel, check out a nearby attraction, order from your restaurant’s digital menu board, or view hotel specials and services on their in-room screens. 

Greet guests with a virtual concierge

Put your Raydiant screen to work as a virtual concierge. Just like a real concierge, these digital displays can welcome guests and offer tantalizing information on the best local restaurants and hotspots. The Raydiant interface makes it easy to create gorgeous displays with hi-res images, videos, and animations to showcase this information in an interactive and engaging format. And these eye-catching displays keep guests entertained and apprised of your latest promotions and special events while they wait in line to check in or lounge in your lobby.

Share promotions and events

Build excitement for hotel promotions and special events through highly visual digital signs. Digital signs are viewed 400% more than static signs, so fill your screens with virtual flyers, sizzle reels for your in-house restaurants, and animated announcements for upcoming events. Inform guests anytime there’s a weekend getaway special, a luau in the Tiki room, or a half-off happy hour in the restaurant bar. 

Set and update content remotely

Whether you’re a boutique hotel or a chain with multiple locations (and multiple screens), our cloud-based system lets you manage your screens remotely. If you have an internet connection, you have access to the Raydiant interface, which lets you create, schedule, and update on-screen content in minutes. Want to schedule content days, weeks, or even months ahead of time? Need to add a new dish to your restaurant’s digital menu boards? Looking to update your live events calendar on display in your lobby? Do it all from any device, anywhere.

How to Use Raydiant for Hospitality

Welcome and wayfinding signs

Greet guests and help them find their way with engaging signs in your lobby. Welcome groups for events and direct them where to go when they walk in your doors. You can also use your Raydiant screens to display an interactive map of your hotel or resort, and direct traffic to popular places like the pool, hotel bar, and conference room.

Virtual concierge

Treat each guest like a main priority by using a Raydiant screen as a digital concierge. Provide information on nearby restaurants, attractions, and the surrounding area with an easy-to-use interactive display that helps them find where they want to go. 

Meeting space displays

Give your guests at-a-glance information on which conference or meeting room they’ll be in, and when. With Raydiant signs, directing multiple groups is easy for both you and them—you can easily program them in advance to display the room number, day, and time of each meeting so everyone’s on the same page (and grateful to you for keeping them on schedule). 

Informational displays

Put guests at ease by keeping them informed of all the important stuff. Use your digital signs to display check-in and check-out times, continental breakfast hours and menus, shuttle pick-up locations, and special hotel services. Plus, with Raydiant’s News app, you can add live news and weather feeds on the bottom of your screens. You can even show important local updates, like flight information and real-time traffic updates, to help guests with their travel plans. 

Interactive and self-service kiosks

Make your guests’ stay enjoyable and convenient with interactive screens and self-service kiosks in your lobby and common areas. Guests can use Raydiant-enabled TV screens to get virtual service and assistance from hotel staff, whether in-house or at another one of your locations, through video chat. Raydiant-enabled tablets can also be offered as self-service kiosks, where guests can check in, check out, make restaurant reservations, and more.

In-room channels

Raydiant lets you create, schedule, display, and update on-screen content on all your in-room TVs from one easy-to-use web dashboard. This function lets you push important hotel information, promotional content, and even emergency alerts, to all screens at once. Display hotel information, such as check-out times and shuttle pick-up info, as reminders. Use Raydiant’s easy design tools to create gorgeous digital posters highlighting special promotions—like getaway packages and restaurant specials. When you need to make a change, simply log on to our web-based platform and it updates all screens in seconds. 

Social walls

Give guests a glimpse of what they can enjoy on their visit by sharing gorgeous hi-res Instagram content on your in-house TVs. Newly renovated rooms? Infinity pool? Stunning ocean views? Show it off on the big screen! Raydiant integrates with Instagram to create gorgeous, curated social walls that you can set to pull from your feed and from posts with branded hashtags. 

Special promotions

Advertise your latest specials and promotions on screens all around your hotel. Raydiant screens make your marketing messages pop with bold visuals guests can’t—and won’t ignore. Fill guests in on the hotel’s complementary services and special packages you have to offer. You can also use your screens to showcase positive online reviews and guest testimonials, and to encourage guests to leave a review of their own to share their enjoyable experience.

Employee communications

Raydiant screens aren’t just for your guests—they’re also great employee communication tools! Use screens in back-of-house operations to post important safety and health protocols. Avoid “inbox overload” and keep employees up to date on meetings and special events with a live on-screen calendar that syncs (and updates) with your Google calendar.  Post opening and closing procedures, food handling and sanitizing info, and so much more. Your employees will love having an “at a glance” place to stop for the latest info.  

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Key Features

Easy scheduling

Use Raydiant’s intuitive interface to schedule your screens and digital menu boards days, and even months, ahead of time. And when you need to make a change, Raydiant updates any or all your screens in seconds. 

Remote access

Not at work? No problem. Our cloud-based platform lets you create gorgeous content, schedule, or update it, and push your changes to your screens—all remotely, and from any device. 

Interactive capability

Add an interactive element to your hotel screens with our innovative touchscreen technology that lets guests find the hotel information they need, check in, check out, and more—all without an associate.

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