Staying Connected with all Your Properties
Has Never Been So Simple

A smarter, more capable digital signage solution for property management.

Raydiant’s cloud-based platform helps you keep residents and employees informed and connected. Access it from anywhere on any device to provide helpful information to residents, promote events, and make self-showings sing.

Staying Connected with all Your Properties Has Never Been So Simple - Female Realtor In Kitchen Carrying Out Valuation

Be Everywhere at Once

Today’s customers are demanding more engagement from brands than ever before. That’s a tall order for management companies with properties spread across hundreds—or even thousands—of miles. Raydiant makes managing messaging for dozens of properties as easy as it is for one. Blast out company-wide content or target an individual or group of properties with localized messaging, all from one simple, cloud-based platform you can access from anywhere, anytime.

Stay Engaged with Residents

Without the ability to update signage instantly and endlessly, there’s no limit to how much more you can engage with residents. Raydiant-enabled screens turn your office into a real resource for residents. Post recycling collection day reminders, security alerts, event announcements, weekly contests, daily weather, news alerts, or simply wish residents a good morning.

Make Self-showings Come Alive

Self-showings are becoming standard practice in the property management industry. With Raydiant, you can choose from over 150,000 professionally designed templates to drag and drop your way to attractive, informative displays in just minutes. Let Raydiant do the showing when a property manager can’t.

Create a Better Office Experience for Everyone

Don’t forget your employees! They are the backbone of your operation and creating a positive environment for them makes your business a better place for everyone. With support for HD audio, Raydiant provides a musical backdrop for staff and guests in the office in addition to alluring visual displays. Raydiant helps you make the office a place everyone wants to be.

Grow Your Portfolio

By streamlining many daily management tasks, Raydiant gives property management companies the ability to scale up without major staffing increases. Combined with the ability to conduct self-showings and reduce management redundancies, your time will be free to grow your portfolio and increase your revenues.
By streamlining information management and distribution tasks, Raydiant frees you and your team up to work on those bigger, bolder ideas that grow your business.

How You Can Use Raydiant at Your Property Management Company

Digital Community Board

Kiss those thumbtacks and your paper budget goodbye! The community message board has gone digital. Make any kind of announcement you like with bright, eye-catching digital flyers. Alert residents to today’s forecast. Post photos of your most recent event. Bring in some extra revenue by selling ads to local businesses. Your dynamic signage says it all.

Office Signage

Need help making sure your team stays on the same page? With Raydiant, you deliver messaging directly to whichever screens you choose, ensuring managers and staff don’t play a game of “telephone” with important information and directives. You can also use it to celebrate employees’ accomplishments, new hires, or birthdays with supportive messages.

Social Wall

Happy residents are the best advertisements for your properties. With support for Instagram, Raydiant lets you build immersive social walls that display high-quality property photos and favorite tagged photos from residents. Encourage people to like, add, tag, and share. The first thing prospective tenants will see when they walk in the door are smiling residents enjoying life at your properties.

Why Property Management Companies Love Raydiant


Updates instantly on one or multiple screens, in one or more locations.


Provides hierarchical screen access to different levels of management using folders and nested folders.


Plug-and-play installation has you ready to go just minutes out of the box.


Enables virtual tours in clear, crisp HD video.


Lends a little ambiance to self-showings through mood-based soundtracks.


Increases social media engagement and gains followers.


Allows you to prominently display important public health and safety information.

Ready to Boost Your Property Management Business? Apartment Community Lobby with Display.

Ready to Boost Your Property Management Business?

So effective and easy to use, it practically sells itself. Try Raydiant risk-free today or book a demo.

Raydiant is a “turnkey” digital signage solution for this high-profile real estate agent.

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