XITE brings the powerful visuals and captivating audio of music videos into the business sector, for an in-location experience customers will stay for. Music alone is found to increase sales by as much as 38%, and since people watch 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube, it’s a natural crowd attractor. Play, mix, repeat, and curate music video lists to your—and your customer’s—heart’s content with XITE, available right from your Raydiant dashboard.

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  • Add a Bit of Retailtainment

    Retailtainment—or using multimedia and other immersive, unique experiences—makes your customer’s experience unforgettable. Draw and engage customers with a loop of new and favorite music videos to make them shop, browse, dine, and buy more. Studies show that brands that use music in their locations see an uptick in sales revenue and individual purchases. Why not use the star power of the top artists in the world to attract and entertain your in-location customers?

  • Easily Curate and Control Playlists

    Once you’ve added XITE to your Raydiant dashboard, you’re ready to start playing videos. It’s that easy. You have the choice to let them play randomly, “liking” the ones you like and skipping those you don’t, or picking a theme so that only those videos play. XITE lets you choose a music video style, genre, or decade to curate your videos. Or you can search for your favorite artists or songs. And all those videos you hit “like” on? They’re saved to a favorites list that you can play at any time!

  • Create the Ambience You Want

    From the soothing sounds of a spa to the pulsing beats of a nightclub, choose the videos that fit your brand and your crowd. With XITE, you have the power to create the mood you and your customers are after. And, with multiple screens, you can even select different music videos for different areas to control the energy—maybe creating a soft vibe in your lobby with some jazz and amping it up with a house playlist in your restaurant bar.

  • Manage Your Music from Anywhere

    Unlike a DJ that needs to play live, you can create, curate, and play XITE music videos from anywhere and any device. Getting ready for your restaurant’s Friday night 80s party? Get your video playlist ready ahead of time from home or work. Planning to take your music videos on the road to a tradeshow or event? Bring XITE and Raydiant with you and get everything ready from your hotel room.

How XITE integrates with Raydiant

With XITE on your Raydiant dashboard, you can control your digital signage, in-location entertainment, and so much more from one platform. At the touch of a button, you can harness the star power of top artists, change the mood of the room, and start the party or help customers relax after a long day. XITE offers the latest hits from top artists like Ariana Grande and Harry Styles, as well as classic favorites from all genres.



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