RetailNext automates and simplifies occupancy tracking for retailers. This powerful app works within the Raydiant platform to provide real-time occupancy data, displaying it for staff and customers on in-house Raydiant screens. With RetailNext, there’s no more need for manual counting—you always know when you’re under, near, or at capacity.

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  • Put Customer and Staff Safety First

    Providing a safe, comfortable environment where customers and staff can socially distance is important. RetailNext is constantly monitoring occupancy levels, updating the data every few seconds and displaying the current level on your Raydiant screens. You’ll always know when you’re meeting—or exceeding—capacity requirements.

  • Automatically Cue Customers to Enter or Wait

    RetailNext data lets customers know when you’re below, near, or at capacity via automatic on-screen messages. When below capacity, your Raydiant welcome screens will display a “please come in” message. Near or at capacity? It changes to “please wait” until occupancy levels lower.

  • Free Up Staff for More Important Tasks

    Instead of using your best workers to watch the doors and count customers, RetailNext frees them up to do more high-level work. Time for the more important stuff: like providing personalized customer service that brings in more sales and repeat business.

  • Manage Occupancy Tracking from Anywhere

    Raydiant’s web-based platform lets you log in from anywhere to check your current occupancy levels. With Raydiant, your entire system is always at your fingertips—from your in-store signage to your background music, and so much more.

How RetailNext Integrates with Raydiant

RetailNext collects real-time occupancy data using in-store data sources, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices, POS systems, cameras, and sensors. These devices then funnel the data in real-time to your Raydiant screens, automating and simplifying the occupancy tracking process.



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