Microsoft Teams

We’ve integrated Microsoft Teams with the Raydiant Experience platform to give you even more ways to keep your teams engaged. With Hoopla by Raydiant's gamification tools and Microsoft Teams’ communication channels, you can cheer on team players and congratulate winners using this dynamic messaging app. Send important company announcements and reminders, performance updates, deal alerts—anything that keeps your team connected and motivated.

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Slack Integration Overview

  • Create a Team Atmosphere

    Hoopla by Raydiant games aren’t just about enhancing workplace performance—they’re also natural team builders. And if Hoopla by Raydiant is the field, Microsoft Teams is like your huddle before the game or the locker room afterwards. Your employees can use the app’s communication channels to congratulate each other on wins, trash talk other players, and challenge other teams.

  • Keep Everyone in the Loop

    You can easily set up a Hoopla by Raydiant channel in Microsoft Teams so you won’t miss any game notifications or company announcements. Starting a new team challenge? Send a notification to remind your team it’s about to start. Are the results in for your latest tournament? Post the team stats on your Teams channel.

  • Give Employees Instant Recognition

    Your employees want to be acknowledged for their hard work. The Raydiant + Microsoft Teams integration allows you to give them instant, and public, recognition for a job well done. Why not congratulate your top sales performer by posting their stats—and even adding a fun GIF or video—to your Teams channel for all to see? And share leaderboard and contest scores to keep everyone motivated.

  • Push Newsflashes and Announcements

    Keep important announcements front and center with Teams notifications. Once you set up you're Hoopla by Raydiant channel in Teams, your newsflashes and challenge announcements will be posted there automatically. When a notification is posted, everyone in Teams can see it and have the opportunity to respond with a message, emoji, or GIF.

How Microsoft Teams Integrates with the Raydiant Experience Platform

Microsoft Teams integrates with Hoopla, so you can share important performance updates, scores and results with your team. Post leaderboard updates, birthdays and anniversaries, and celebrate wins.

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  • RequirementsMicrosoft Teams Subscription
    Hoopla Subscription
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