Google Sheets

Improve collaboration and increase data transparency with our Google Sheets integration with Hoopla. This powerful system lets you sync and share Google Sheets data, leveraging it for Hoopla competitions and contests. This seamless syncing of data also enables you to share important metrics across platforms, for faster data sharing and improved workplace productivity.

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Google Sheets

  • Sync Data with Hoopla Metrics

    Sync your sales data and important company metrics from Google Sheets to your Hoopla Metrics. This seamless integration means that, as your Google Sheets data changes, your Hoopla Metrics will update accordingly. The result? You and your team get notified in real-time when an important milestone is met or a deal closes.

  • Create and Share Custom Metrics

    Our integration lets you bi-directionally share data between Hoopla and Google Sheets, regardless of data format. Perform powerful calculations, and create and share custom metrics between the two systems. For example, you can push Hoopla metrics to a Google Sheet, and it will then recalculate it based on the metrics you input, and you have your custom metrics.

  • Broadcast KPIs on Office Screens

    Want to pull data from your Sales Leads sheet to use in a Hoopla contest? Legacy Google Sheets are no problem, as the Hoopla integration pulls data from it to populate your live leaderboards with company metrics and employee KPIs. Anytime you want to start a new contest, competition, or battle, don’t do it old school: sharing a Google Sheet or doing double data entry in multiple systems. Instead, bring your data to life on live leaderboard screens.

  • Harness the Power of the Google Ecosystem

    Google Sheets has many tools at its disposal—leverage them all through the Hoopla integration. From business templates to real-time collaboration tools to cloud-based accessibility, it has it all. Add Hoopla to the data management system and you get immediate access to crucial company metrics you can share on your Hoopla screens.

How Google Sheets Integrates with the Raydiant Experience Platform

Google Sheets and Hoopla sync data bidirectionally allowing you to create custom calculated metrics and easily update performance metrics, contest points, and leaderboards.

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