Bring in more business and streamline your back end with the Dash platform. Offered as a complement to the Raydiant platform for an additional cost, Dash is an integrated ordering and inventory management system that takes the stress out of restaurant management. Here’s how Dash saves you and your staff time and headaches, and brings more perks to your customers, both dine-in and dine-out.

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  • An Integrated Order Management System

    Sick of losing orders, or worse: losing customers because of it? That can happen when you’re fielding orders from different directions. Dash integrates all your orders—be it from your online ordering system, third-party delivery services, contactless orders, curbside, takeout, and elsewhere—into one, easy-to-manage system.

  • Menus You Can Update and Sync

    Whether it’s the menu on your digital menu boards, your website, on third-party apps, or elsewhere—make menu changes in one place and they update across platforms. Together, Dash and Raydiant make menu management easy, so you don’t have to sweat it each time you add a new dish, offer a promotional menu, or change a price. You can also integrate your POS so that menus sync based on inventory and item availability.

  • Perks That Keep Customers Coming

    Loyalty programs, gift cards, promotions, and deals—Dash delivers on it all. The advanced platform makes it easy to offer customers the things they love (and return for)—personalized service, fun promotions, and, yes, a little thank you for being loyal customers. Plus, Dash lets restaurants redeem gift cards and digital promotions at no extra cost or overhead.

  • Customer Insights You Can Take to the Bank

    Dash gives you real-time customer feedback and behavioral insights so you can offer more of what they love and address any problems that cost you business. Customer visits, orders, and other behaviors are automatically tracked and measured, providing priceless analytics for your marketing campaigns. And when a customer isn’t happy, you can address it immediately, and before it hits your online reviews.

How Raydiant and Dash Work Together

Dash is offered at an additional cost to Raydiant customers. Though operated independently, the platforms work together to help restaurants improve their in-location customer experience and simplify their back-end processes, giving busy restaurateurs more time to grow their business. To learn more, visit raydiant.com.

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