The Raydiant Experience Platform Powered By LTE

No WiFi, no problem! Give your customers the ultimate experience everywhere you go.

Blazing fast, ultra-reliable connectivity to Raydiant’s best-in-class Experience Platform without the need for WiFi connectivity.

Your network connection should work for you, not the other way around.

Instant, Remote Connectivity

Limited connectivity should never keep you from giving your customers the experience they deserve.

ScreenRay LTE gives you full-throttle connection to Raydiant’s entire Experience Platform from anywhere in the world with LTE access. Whether you’re running your business from a food truck, farmer’s market, music festival, pop-up shop, trade show or anywhere else with limited corded connectivity, it shouldn’t matter. ScreenRay LTE ensures location won’t stop you from providing your customers with the experience they came for. Password juggling, limited range Wi-Fi, error codes and corporate firewalls are now problems of your past.

No More Downtime From Troubleshooting Your Wifi Connection

Your focus should always be on making your customers happy, so don’t let your connection stop you.

LTE’s always, anywhere connectivity guarantees a solid network connection keeping your signage up-to-date without interruption. Instantly update menus for your restaurant or food truck, announce a flash sale at a popup, provide health regulations at a farmer’s market or display your latest product line at a tradeshow without ever dealing with unreliable connectivity again. 

Advanced Data Security

In the days of cyber attacks, identity theft and data breaches, network security is critical.

WiFi security can vary between networks making it risky and potentially guarded by your IT department. When data is sent through a 4G LTE network, like the one you get with ScreenRay LTE, it’s securely encrypted so you can keep your mind on what really matters, making your customers happy.

Robust, Reliable Hardware

Stop wasting time with hardware that just doesn’t work.

Reliability is key when it comes to providing your customers with the perfect experience. But don’t worry, the ScreenRay LTE is built to power professional-grade business applications using robust hardware powered by high-speed peripheral support through USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. By combining this with your high-speed LTE connectivity, and AWS-hosted cloud support your customers will experience the best of your brand, everywhere that you go

You’ll be connected in minutes. Just unbox, plug in, and connect to the platform via LTE, Ethernet or WiFi.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

We hope it never happens, but if you do have a problem we have your back.

Raydiant’s Experience Platform powered by LTE, gives you more than just anytime, anywhere access to your display network, it also gives you access to anytime, anywhere support.

Dedication to You and Your Business

Making you happy is what makes us happy, which is why we are committed to giving you everything you need to create the best experience for your customers. Our team of world-class engineers is working everyday to improve the performance and capabilities of your Raydiant solutions ensuring you round-the-clock flexible, reliable, powerful digital signage no matter where you are.

Every single update will be provided to you, free-of-charge and over-the-air forever.

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