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What Our Partnership with Taphunter Means for Breweries and Beer Lovers

Last year, craft beer accounted for nearly a quarter of the entire US retail beer market.

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Our Partnership with TimeWellScheduled Just Made Internal Comms a Whole Lot More Impactful

We’ve teamed up with TimeWellScheduled (TWS) to amplify internal communication and offer a whole new level of employee communication to businesses everywhere.

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QSR's with AI Activated Digital Displays: A Walkthrough

The global fast food industry in 2022 is estimated to be worth a staggering 570 billion

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Run Your Restaurant Right with Raydiant and Dash

According to Forbes, not only is digital ordering not going away, but in 2022 it’s looking to become more of a mainstay for restaurants.

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Why Top Restaurants are Investing in Drive-Thrus (and How Raydiant and GDS Can Help)

During COVID-19, drive-thrus were having a moment. Now, nearing 2022, their continued popularity is showing its staying power.

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Raydiant Partners with PAR, Bringing Brink POS (and Smarter Signage) to Sports Venues and Restaurants

Our new partnership with PAR Technology takes digital signage to the big time, with an integrated POS system that serves all your venue needs.

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How Taggbox Display Turns UGC-Powered Social Walls into Marketing Gold

Now part of the Raydiant app marketplace, Taggbox Display lets businesses create compelling social media walls for their physical locations.

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Level Up Your Menu Boards with our New DS Menu Integration

Everywhere from restaurants and drive-thrus to spas and hotels, digital menu boards are having a moment.

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Podcast 70: Michael Mohammed

Michael Mohammed is the CEO of Chronic Tacos, a restaurant that focuses on food authenticity and a flavor experience. Listen to him on the Raydiant podcast!