A Fully Immersive
Wellness Experience Using Digital Signage For Spas

Take calm to a new level with the essential digital signage platform for spas and wellness centers.

Raydiant’s cloud-based digital signage for spas enables you to create immersive experiences for guests, adding another dimension of care to the treatments and services you provide.

Design Your Space

At spas and wellness centers, the ambiance is part of the treatment. Creating a deeply soothing sense of peace and calm is an essential part of the business. Raydiant is an all-in-one customer experience tool that helps you provide a therapeutic audio/visual atmosphere for your guests using out digital signage platform.

Raydiant for Spas & Wellness Centers - Spa employee taking notes.

Good Vibes Included

Music is fundamental to spa and wellness treatments. Raydiant’s digital signage helps you take your guests into a state of deep relaxation with professionally curated playlists from Soundtrack My Brand. Play your favorite tranquil tunes or let guests choose a mood that fits them and enjoy crystal clear HD audio.

Content Creation Made Easy

Don’t let mundane tasks like creating signage eat away at your time and budget. With Raydiant, you’ll be able to use one of over 150,000 easy-to-use templates to create gorgeous displays that teach guests about everything you have to offer in just minutes. No need to pay or wait for a designer.

Helps Employees Too

Digital signage isn’t just for customers; employees benefit from it too. Raydiant-enabled screens make the perfect breakroom or office display. Use yours to play videos for training sessions, give company updates, or provide a little entertainment to employees as they relax in their “me time.”

How Spas and Wellness Centers Are Using Raydiant's Digital Signage

Live Décor

Your guests’ treatment starts in the waiting room. Greet them with peaceful imagery and calming music to begin their wellness session before they even enter therapy areas. Raydiant supports full-screen photos and videos in brilliant HD quality, so you can match the vibes of your business or create a whole new ambience.

Front Desk Advertising

A waiting room or lobby is the perfect time and place to reach guests with messaging about additional products and services on Radiant’s digital signage platform. With Raydiant, you can use template-based designs to create treatment menu boards and promotional flyers with vibrant imagery that entices guests and sells more.

Safety Signage

Reassure guests that you’re taking care of their health, and let them know how you’re doing it. Raydiant makes it easy to use your screens to post health and safety protocols that are required by law or just appreciated by your customers. Use these bright, attention-grabbing signs to remind employees of all the necessary health codes and practices you are following for their optimal care.

Why Spa and Wellness Center Owners Love Raydiant


Digital signage has been proven to influence purchases and increase revenues.


Screens can be managed remotely from any device, anywhere in the world.


Raydiant’s intuitive platform design is simple to understand and easy to use.


Simply open the box, plug it in, and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be up and running in minutes.


Presents a clean, bright, and modern design.


Showcase product and service demos in crisp HD video to educate guests.


Display important safety information for guests and staff.

A digital display inside of a spa waiting room.

Ready to Refresh Your In-Location Experiences?

Spend your time where you want to spend it—helping your guests. Raydiant’s intuitive interface takes the time and stress out of creating beautiful digital signs that give your guests a holistic customer experience. Try it out today, risk-free.

Raydiant digital signage “dramatically improves our customer experience,” says this high-end hair extension retailer.

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