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Shape and tone your guest experiences with Raydiant--a complete signage platform for gyms and health clubs.

Gyms and health clubs have a wide variety of digital signage needs. Whether it’s class schedules, trainer profiles, specials and promotions, or even demonstration videos, Raydiant gives you the tools you need in one simple, intuitive package.

Ready to Let Raydiant Do the Heavy Lifting?

Flexible. Powerful. Agile.

Your gym’s digital signage should serve two purposes: keep members informed and attract new clients. Why not use a single solution that does both? With its comprehensive marketplace, Raydiant provides apps that take the legwork out of creating eye-catching multimedia displays.

Raydiant for Gyms & Health Clubs

Flex Your Muscles

There is no better way to show off everything your club has to offer than with brilliant HD photos and video. Place a Raydiant-enabled digital screen within eyeshot of the front door and greet potential members with dazzling presentations of your equipment, facilities, and classes.

Pump it Up

No workout is complete without the right tunes. Raydiant is one of the only audio-capable signage platforms on the market. Use our Soundtrack My Brand app to keep guests in the zone during their workouts. With hundreds of expertly curated playlists, you can adjust the music to fit different crowds at different times of the day.

Play to Your Strengths

Skilled workers. Knowledgeable teachers. Walking fitness success stories. The trainers at your gym are some of your greatest assets, so let them shine. Raydiant makes it simple to create impressive trainer profiles, complete with HD photos, videos, and text. Increase PT revenue by highlighting each trainer’s strengths and specialties to help customers figure out their best fit.

Celebrate Gains (and Losses)

People come to your gym because they want to improve their lives. Share members’ success stories, highlight community before-and-after photos, or provide inspirational content for encouragement. With easy-to-craft presentations, Raydiant helps you motivate your members to push themselves just a little bit further.

Stay on Schedule

Managing and posting class schedules can be a huge headache. And that doesn’t even include keeping your online and in-facility schedules synched up. With the Calendar app, just connect your current calendar (supports Google Calendar) to create attractive live calendar displays. Never worry about people showing up for a wrong or cancelled class again.

Gyms and health clubs are busy, noisy places filled with people trying to focus on their goals. Your signage needs to stand out to get people’s attention. Raydiant’s easy-to-use platform makes it simple to create clear, vivid messaging that people will notice.

With our marketplace full of apps designed to help you keep your congregants engaged, Raydiant helps houses of worship tend to and grow their membership.

How You Can Use Raydiant's Digital Signage in Your Gym or Fitness Facility

Products and Services Board

Traditional signage is static and limited by physical space. With Raydiant, there are no limits—but bold, dynamic visuals that members can easily see as they work out. Use HD photos and video to showcase your club’s equipment, facilities, classes, and staff with Provide important information about membership and policies. Let current members and potential customers know the whole story—all with one, simple platform.

Smoothie Bar Menu Board

Smoothie bars are a fantastic alternate revenue source for gyms and health clubs. Guests love them too! Raydiant’s SinglePlatform app is an industry-leading digital menu board tool. With Raydiant, you can create dynamic smoothie menus with integrated photos and video. Need to make changes? Use SinglePlatform to update your menu from one single location, instantly updating your digital menu boards in every location. Even your online menu will always be in sync with SinglePlatform.

Information Portal

With so much going on at once, keeping information organized and neatly presented has a tremendous effect on your guests’ experience. Locate a Raydiant-enabled screen near a group of machines to provide safe use instructions and demo videos. Use another to display class schedules for everyone to see. Post policies and safety information on a third. Since Raydiant scales with your business, you can go from one screen to one hundred—in one or multiple locations!

Guest Entertainment

People watch a lot of TV at the gym, so it’s a good place to reach them on screens. In Raydiant’s Marketplace, you’ll find apps that let you display live news updates, pictures, videos, calendars and even your Instagram feed on your in-house TVs. With the Multizone app, you can mix and match any of the above to create custom displays that provide entertainment while also delivering gym information and marketing messages.

Why Gym and Health Club Owners Love Raydiant:


Plug-and-play hardware installs and connects to the platform in minutes.


Effortlessly scales to multiple screens and locations.


Updating signage take seconds—no more waiting on a printer or fussing with thumbtacks and wire.


Cloud-based platform lets you manage your club’s signage from any device, anywhere in the world.


Informs and educates customers when staff are busy and can’t be immediately attentive.


Music app eliminates the need for separate equipment, licenses, and subscriptions.


Allows you to display important public health and safety information.

Ready to Let Raydiant Do the Heavy Lifting?

The most important piece of equipment in your club may only weigh a few ounces. Try Raydiant risk-free or book a demo today.

CynGym boosts walk-in memberships, engages and informs members, and takes the work out of scheduling workouts with Raydiant.

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