Corporate Digital Signage: Make the Workplace Work
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The best digital signage platform for offices.

Raydiant’s versatile corporate digital signage platform lets you leverage the communication power of digital signage to create an organized, productive, and positive office environment in your office.

Ready to Streamline Your Office’s Messaging Tasks?

A Turnkey Office Communication Tool

Your company’s offices are complex networks of moving parts. Clear, consistent communication is essential for running them at peak efficiency. Raydiant has everything you need to create dynamic, eye-catching digital messaging that gets where it needs to go when it needs to get there.

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Gets the Word Out

Tired of people missing important company memos, or relying on staff to post messages only to be disappointed? With Raydiant, creating attention-grabbing notices is simple. Just use one of over 150,000 beautiful templates and drag-and-drop tools to add text, photos, or even video. Let employees know about upcoming meetings or changes in office policy—or even celebrate an employee or team’s performance with vibrant signage you don’t need a designer to make.

Does it from Anywhere

Raydiant’s cloud-based platform lets you manage your office signage from any device, anywhere in the world. Still in bed and need to bump a meeting back an hour? Just log into the platform and blast out a notice to your office’s screens. Employees will get the message instantly and all at the same time.

Keeps Control in the Right Hands

With so many moving parts to every office, keeping information organized is crucial. Raydiant helps streamline deployment by supporting hierarchical access to screens and content. Use folders and nested folders to grant access only to what a specific employee or location needs, while retaining admin access for upper level management.

By streamlining information management and distribution tasks, Raydiant frees you and your team up to work on those bigger, bolder ideas that grow your business.

How You Can Employ Raydiant's Digital Signage in Your Office

Office Communications Board

Meeting notices. Policy updates. Calendars. Company or division KPIs. Sales leaders. Customer service statistics. Whatever notices your company issues, Raydiant helps you make them clearer, brighter, and more noticeable. Place one or more Raydiant-enabled screens in high-visibility locations to make sure everyone gets the message.

Infotainment Center

Offices might be places of business, but that doesn’t mean they’re only about business. Outfit your office with a screen that provides your staff and guests a little respite from the daily grind. With the Multizone app, create your own displays by mixing and matching news tickers, weather graphics, photos, videos, and more.

Welcome Signage

Your office might be where the work gets done, but it’s also where the deals get made. Let clients and guests know you’re happy to have them with warm, friendly messaging in your lobby or waiting area. Reduced perceived wait times with multi-page displays that show visitors heartfelt messages, tell your company story through multimedia presentations, or simply share beautiful photos.

Art Display

You don’t need company messaging to be up and visible every minute of the workday. When you’re not using your screens to post important information, treat guests and employees to something a little more aesthetic. Raydiant allows you to show gorgeous full-screen HD photos and videos in vibrant, eye-popping color—perfect for displaying beautiful, moving works of art.

Why Office Managers Love Raydiant


Plug-and-play device is out of the box and connected in minutes; no need to take up IT’s time.


Custom music app plays background music for your lobby or livelier tunes for office parties.


Integrates with industry-favorite authorization tools oAuth, LDAP, and Active Directory.


Streamlines operations with SSO integration.


Inspires your team by displaying sales and customer service stats on leaderboards


Motivates team members by displaying the KPIs for them and the company


Keeps company messaging and branding consistent across every room at every location.


Delivers 99+% uptime with AWS-backed cloud servers.


Allows you to prominently display important public health and safety information.

Ready to Streamline Your Office’s Messaging Tasks?

Raydiant-enabled screens make the office a better, more productive place. Book a demo or give us a try risk-free today.

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