Casino Digital Signage: Don’t Gamble with Your
Customer Experience

The ultimate digital signage platform for casinos: a safe bet with big returns.

Raydiant’s immersive digital signage platform for casinos enables gaming houses to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Bring gamblers in, direct them to their favorite games, and help them keep playing and spending with our dynamic casino digital signage.

Raydiant for Casinos: Group playing casino card game.

Customer Engagement For a Winning Hand

The name of the game is customer engagement. Grabbing and holding people’s attention is what digital signage does best. With support for full HD photos, videos, and audio, Raydiant-enabled screens create a fully interactive experience that keeps casino guests entertained and engaged. An easy-to-use cloud-based interface allows you to manage those screens remotely and update them in real time—and from anywhere in the world. It’s so easy, it’s almost like playing with a stacked deck.

Improved Wayfinding

Casino floors are bright, loud, and busy places with a lot going on. If guests get overwhelmed, they can easily become frustrated or lose interest. Raydiant cuts through the noise, helping you create bright, eye-catching wayfinding portals that help customers find their favorite games quickly and easily. Unlike traditional static wayfinding signage, digital signs can be instantly and easily updated to keep up with the lightning-fast changes on a gaming floor.

Better Engagement

The key to driving revenue at gaming houses and casinos is to keep customers playing and spending and gambling. And when it comes to motivating gamers, Raydiant offers you limitless possibilities. Raydiant’s user-friendly platform can help you trigger jackpot celebrations, post big win amounts, or advertise new games and products. Since signage can be updated endlessly—and without printing or installation costs—your displays stay fresh and your customers, engaged.

How Casinos Are Using Raydiant's digital signage to Win Big:

Gaming Board

Encourage and reward your gamers with eye-catching, entertaining displays. Use one of more than 150,000 poster and video templates to show off big winners, advertise new games, or promote upcoming tournaments.

In-house Promotions

Gaming isn’t the only thing you’ve got going for you. Raydiant can help you create alluring promotional displays that let guests know about special events, concerts, hotel packages, and restaurant deals.

Employee Communications

Use Raydiant to create a company calendar, recognize valuable employees, promote job opportunities within the company, and motivate employees with KPIs and other targets. The ability to update signage instantly means it can also be used to send out emergency messaging and security alerts.

Why Casino Owners Love Raydiant


Greatly reduces signage and installation costs, especially in high-activity casinos.


Scales easily; use the same simple platform to manage one screen or 100.


Reduces staffing needs with streamlined, centralized remote management.


Offers the ability to provide background music for ambience.


Gets you up and running in minutes: the definition of plug and play.


Allows hierarchical access with folders and nested folders for larger, more complex organizations.


Enables you to prominently display important public health and safety info.

Ready to Take Customer Engagement to the Next Level at Your Casino?

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