Famous Restaurant Chain Wahlburgers Uses Raydiant at their 40+ Locations


This famous burger chain uses Raydiant to improve their dine-in customer experience with “real-life” interactions and vivid promotional displays.









Celebrities-turned-restaurateurs Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, along with their brother Paul, started the Wahlburgers restaurant chain in 2011. The familyowned business quickly took off, and the chain now has more than 40 locations in the US, Canada, and Germany—and are looking to add more in the next couple of years. Their growing business has been featured on A&E’s reality show “Wahlburgers,” which also featured them using Raydiant (formerly Mira) to virtually visit with customers in their many locations. They liked the product so much that, earlier this year, Mark Wahlberg joined the Raydiant team as advisor and brand advocate!

Not Just a Valued Customer, But a Valued Brand Advisor

We’re excited to have Wahlburgers’ Mark Wahlberg and the industry knowledge he brings to the table, which enables him to help other Raydiant customers improve their in-store customer experience. In a recent press release, Wahlberg spoke about his new role, saying: “The team at Raydiant has done a great job creating unique in-store experiences for consumers. I’m impressed with what they’re doing for brick-and-mortar companies, and happy to get involved in spreading the word to other businesses.”

Recently, we sat down with Wahlburgers’ Brand Manager David Dai to discuss how the chain uses Raydiant to deliver a better customer experience in their restaurants, and one that is consistent across locations. Here’s what he had to say:

“What it means for the business is we save costs on printing menus. And if we want to launch a campaign, a device like Raydiant gives us the opportunity to promote those messages very quickly in our restaurants.”


Digital Menu Boards That Keep Costs Down and Offer Agility

The two basic practices of any well-run business are keeping costs down and saving time by streamlining internal processes. Switching from paper menus to digital menu boards does both while bringing a brand to life with gorgeous, hi-res visuals and dynamic video. Wahlburgers found this to be the case, after installing Raydiant digital menu boards in their restaurants’ bar areas. Dai explains: “What it means for the business is we save costs on printing menus. And at the same time, it’s about speed. Because if we want to launch a campaign, a device like Raydiant gives us the opportunity to promote those messages very quickly in our restaurants.”

Raydiant offers our restaurant and bar customers an effective, efficient way to update menus as well as schedule dayparting and special menus—and across locations—with just a few keystrokes. Our cloud-based interface gives business owners the flexibility to do this anywhere and anytime so that they can focus on the more important task of running their business.

Promotions That Bring Wahlburgers to Life in Full HD and 4K Color

Wahlburgers’ digital menu boards are also used to promote new menu items, specials, and seasonal fare, says Dai. With access to Raydiant’s large library of apps, they can create, upload, and update HD and 4K images and videos with the click of a button. Hi-res food photos show their delicious burgers, sandwiches, Wahlbowls, and sides made fresh on location. Photos of the family—which include singer/actor brothers Donnie and Mark—are also displayed, adding a sense of warmth and family at each of their locations.

The effectiveness of digital signage has long been proven— including its ability to boost promotional sales by up to 37%. When customers wait in line in a place with digital signage, they also report a 35% decreased wait time (how long they think they’ve been waiting) compared to the actual length of time. Creating bold, engaging digital displays is easy with Raydiant, which includes access to applications like PosterMyWall, an app that offers over 150,000 designer templates with easy drag-and-drop design tools.

Soundtrack Your Brand Integration “A Very Useful Feature” at Wahlburgers

Raydiant’s partnership with music app Soundtrack Your Brand gives our customers access to curated, mood-based playlists that they can automate or create themselves. These custom playlists provide background music that reflect your brand and create a unique, in-location vibe for your customers. The app includes access to over 50 million songs, all of which are licensed for commercial use. Businesses—including restaurants like Wahlburgers—know that background music is essential for creating ambience. In fact, restaurant diners spend 23% more on average—and 51% more on drinks—when the right music is playing.

Dai told us that, not only is he impressed with the app, but it makes the transition from using video to playing music— and vice versa—smoother. “We play videos at some of our restaurants,” Dai explains, “and switching between videos and music is a challenge with other platforms, and it involves several steps. But Raydiant’s Soundtrack Your Brand integration eliminates this problem. The transition is quick and easy. It’s a very useful feature.”

“Raydiant’s Soundtrack Your Brand integration eliminates the challenge of switching between videos and music. The transition is quick and easy. It’s a very useful feature.”


Wahlburgers’ Vision for the Future is Raydiant

When asked about Wahlburgers’ future plans for using Raydiant, Dai listed many ideas, some of which are already in the works. The restaurant chain plans to utilize Raydiant’s Virtual Room in a larger way, so that Donnie, Mark, and the family can have “real-life interaction with the guests,” says Dai. This may include sending customers personalized messages and engaging in special in-store events virtually. They also plan to use the Raydiant app to connect with their teams in all of their 40+ locations, both national and international.

Dai also mentioned a ramp-up in using Raydiant to communicate important messages and protocols related to COVID-19. Public health reminders—like encouraging customers to wash their hands regularly, maintain social distancing measures, and stay home if sick—are made more visible with Raydiant digital signage. Wahlburgers will likely also use their digital signs to display their restaurants’ disinfecting practices to reassure guests.

Other possible future uses for Raydiant may include forms of contactless ordering, as well as social walls for their restaurants, so that guests can better interact with their brand.

About Raydiant for Restaurants

Raydiant’s Experience Platform allows restaurants to offer a fully immersive customer experience. Raydiant screens bring your menu to life with mouth-watering food photos and dynamic animations—all in vivid HD and 4K. Digital posters are easily created and scheduled with access to apps that provide over 150,000 designer templates. In a matter of minutes, you can create stunning promotional content, and schedule it to display at different times of the day, week, month, or even year.

Dayparting, happy hour, and seasonal menus are a breeze to update and schedule, eliminating the need to climb up on a ladder to change chalkboard menus, or taking time to switch out menu boards during busy lunch rushes. Our large app library also includes a music app that customizes playlists to match your brand and provide the right ambience.


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