A Hair Extension Retailer Enjoys a “Dramatically Improved Customer Experience” with Raydiant


When hair extension retailer and distributor True Glory Hair was started in 2011 as part of the True Glory Brands family, it came from small beginnings. Cut to 2020, and they now have three retail stores and two mini-stores in the Southeast. This growing retailer sells high-quality, natural hair extensions, wigs, and hair care products. Their brand has gone from a small family-run business to one that has acquired an Instagram following of nearly 50k and sells to high-profile clients.

We sat down with True Glory Hair’s Creative Director, Meredith McGee, to discuss how they are using their 19 Raydiant- enabled screens across their five locations. Here’s what McGee told us about how Raydiant helps create an inclusive customer experience, streamline their buying process, and get customers excited about their products.

“This way, customers are able to make quicker buying decisions as they’re waiting in line, without having to go and ask a sales associate what the featured product is”


A brand having success with their social media wall

Raydiant digital signage “dramatically improves our customer experience,” says this high-end retailer







Digital Menus Break Down Product Categories Beautifully

True Glory Hair uses five Raydiant-enabled screens at each of their three retail stores in Southeast Atlanta. They also employ two screens at each of their two mini-stores in local salon stations. Some of these screens are used behind the checkout station as digital menu boards that display products and pricing. Because there’s such a variety of product categories (the brand offers three hair collections, each of which offer different products and wave patterns), these menus simplify the ordering and checkout process for the customer.

The easy-to-read digital menu boards not only offer a more highly-visible menu, but they can also be customized so that the hierarchy of products and the subsequent pricing is clear to the customer. “It dramatically improves our customer experience by helping to educate our customers on their buying options,” says McGee. She then adds that the brand is thinking about adding videos to their menu boards (something easy to accomplish with Raydiant’s large library of apps featuring simple drag-and-drop design tools.)

Instagram Wall Shows Real-Life Customer Photos in Shoppable Looks

“Our customers love our Instagram walls,” McGee tells us, referring to the social walls Raydiant helped them create at each of their locations. “They comment on those screens a lot, and are very drawn to them, and often grateful that we display the content we do. They say, ‘Thank you for showing pictures of girls like me,’” continues McGee. “It feels really relatable to them.”

Customers also appreciate the specs on the photos, so they know what to order to get the same look. McGee explains: “I think the social wall entertains them as they wait in line, but it’s also a good source of inspiration if they’re not sure what texture they’re wanting. Plus, it’s sometimes hard to envision what the extensions will look like, since they’re sold in packaging. So we can always take them to the social wall and say, ‘This is what this looks like on somebody.’”

Social Wall Simplifies Ordering Process, Encourages Engagement

Because True Glory Hair’s social wall includes product details and pricing on each curated post, in-store customers who are in line can “shop” these looks while they wait. “This way, customers are able to make quicker buying decisions as they’re waiting in line, without having to go and ask a sales associate what the featured product is,” says McGee.

It’s no wonder the brand is having success with their social wall — especially since Instagram has surpassed even platforms like Yelp in terms of its customer influence. Raydiant’s Instagram integration allows True Glory Hair and other retailers like it to show hi-res images and videos of their products in use by customers just like them. Using Raydiant for your in- store social wall also allows you to pull curated content from branded hashtags, encouraging fans and followers to post their favorite looks for a chance to be featured on your feed— and on your screens.

“I think the social wall entertains them as they wait in line, but it’s also a good source of inspiration if they’re not sure what texture they’re wanting. ”


Remote Interface Manages Multiple Screens and Locations

Keeping branding and in-store messaging consistent is a challenge for most customer-facing businesses with multiple locations. True Glory Hair keeps messaging on point by easily managing all on-screen content in their five stores from one interface. And since Raydiant is a cloud-based system, businesses can access it anywhere and at any time. Our customers, like True Glory Hair, love that they can post new content, schedule upcoming promotional displays, and update important business details like pricing and hours from anywhere they are. Busy business owners can schedule and update content from home or when they’re away on business.

Raydiant’s app library also includes access to the BlueJeans videoconferencing app, which lets retailers stay in face-to- face, virtual contact with customers and team members in other stores. True Glory Hair and other retailers can use BlueJeans to bring together all locations for special parties and events, conduct employee trainings, and offer advice to customers about what product will work best for them.

About Raydiant for Retailers and Salons

With two out of three brick-and-mortars competing through customer experience, retailers, salons, and other in- store businesses can’t afford to offer a one-dimensional in-store experience. Raydiant is an Experience Platform that provides an immersive, multi-dimensional customer experience that works on several senses at once. Customers are drawn in and engaged by the vivid, animated on-screen imagery as well as the background music curated to match the mood in your store. Social media walls connect customers with your brand while at the same time providing visual customer testimonials and real-life brand experiences. Digital posters act as moving promotional displays that catch the eye. And digital menu boards make ordering simple and fun; plus, customers love that they’re easier to read than static boards.

All of these capabilities can be found in the Raydiant platform. Our plug-and-play device is easy to install (simply plug it into your TV) and simple to set up; just follow the on-screen instructions and you’re ready to go in minutes. A secure cloud-managed interface makes Raydiant both user-friendly and remotely accessible. With Raydiant, retailers can do so many things: create an in-store vibe that perfectly matches their brand, connect with customers in all of their locations, and craft a customer experience like no other.


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