Tasty’s Gets Digital Signage as Fresh as Their Burgers


“It changed my life,” says Jason Dougherty, COO of Tasty’s about Raydiant’s functional, flexible interface.







Taking inspiration from their grandmother’s hamburger restaurant she started in the 1950s, the Dougherty family wanted to open a restaurant with that same family-friendly atmosphere. In 2011, Tasty’s Fresh Burgers opened with one restaurant in the heart of historic downtown Fernandina Beach on Florida’s Amelia Island. They quickly expanded to three restaurants in their home state of Florida, and one in Kingsland, Georgia.

Business is booming, and a few years ago the family started looking to upgrade the restaurant’s technology to include digital menu boards and promotional displays. They now employ 21 Raydiant-enabled screens across their four locations. Our team sat down with Tasty’s Chief Operating Officer Jason Dougherty to get the scoop on how the restaurant uses Raydiant to bring their delicious burgers, fries, and shakes to life for their customers.

Delicious Digital Menus Offer MuchNeeded Flexibility

“I was in over my depth trying to bring technology into a restaurant that started with a chalkboard menu,” says Dougherty, talking about business before Raydiant. In 2019, they did a full menu revision—something that would’ve been a pain point, were it not for their Raydiant digital menu boards. When asked about why they transitioned from static to digital, Dougherty explained, “I like the clean look of digital menu boards, and I also like the flexibility they bring. I wanted enough flexibility that I could make incremental changes to the menu. I wanted a menu where, if I wanted to replace an item, I could do that without having to replace the entire board.”

Tasty’s Fresh Burgers isn’t the only restaurant that’s switched to digital menu boards for their modern design and usability: McDonald’s, one of the largest restaurants in the world, switched to digital menu boards in 2019. Studies have shown that restaurants that update their menus to digital consistently see their sales climb, and often recoup the expense within the first year.

“I like the clean look of digital menu boards, and I also like the flexibility they bring. I wanted enough flexibility that I could make incremental changes to the menu.”


Promotional In-Restaurant Displays That Pop (and Sizzle)

Like many of our restaurant customers, Tasty’s uses a Raydiant screen in each location for promotional content. Deals, specials, add-ons, seasonal fare—all are enhanced with delicious high-res food images—and, as Tasty’s plans to add, sizzle reels. “We change the promotional content out constantly,” says Dougherty. Raydiant gives them the ability to make mouth-watering digital posters and brand videos of their burgers cooking, fries being hand cut, and shakes being scooped. These displays can stoke the appetite of customers waiting in line, while at the same time decreasing their perceived wait time (how long they think they’ve been waiting) by 35%.

Instead of outdated sandwich boards and paper posters, Raydiant brings Tasty’s menu to life with bold HD and 4K onscreen imagery. With Raydiant screens, they can show how fresh their burger meat is, how crisp their lettuce snaps, and how creamy their shakes are. It’s no wonder that digital signs have been proven to increase sales of promotional items— including add-ons, sides, and desserts—by up to 37%.

Branding as Consistently Good as Their Burgers Taste

As Tasty’s promises: “Quality and consistency must never be compromised.” They apply that same tenet to marketing their brand across multiple locations. Just like their homemade sauces, which are made in a central location and shuttled to each restaurant to ensure a consistently delicious taste and quality, they use Raydiant signage to keep their on-screen messaging on point. Being able to manage multiple screens in all locations means they can keep their digital signage consistent with their marketing materials and ensure an enjoyable experience for all their customers.

Logos and brand-centric graphics, along with consistent promotional content, are used to unify the brand across locations, and connect customers to it. Through consistent branding, diners come to trust that they can expect the same quality of food and service they get in any Tasty’s location. This trust then breeds loyal customers, like Tasty’s.

The “Life-Changing” Ability to Manage Multiple Screens Remotely

Raydiant is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to manage multiple screens across locations from an interface that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Before Raydiant, says Dougherty, “I had to go physically to each restaurant if I wanted to make menu changes.” But now, with Raydiant, Dougherty is enjoying the freedom of adding new pricing or menu items, removing outdated information, and switching out promotional displays from his home or the restaurant—or any place in between.

“It changed my life immeasurably,” says Dougherty about the flexibility Raydiant affords its customers. “I used to have to go to our different locations at least 2-4 times each week to update or fix the screens. But now I don’t have to run around as much, and I can use that time to do more for our business.”

“I used to have to go to our different locations at least 2-4 times each week to update or fix the screens, but now I don’t have to run around as much, and I can use that time to do more for our business.”


Expert, Immediate Support from Day One

With an uptime of 99.95%, Raydiant digital signage, and its myriad of tools, is as reliable as it is innovative. Dougherty has seen this in action by communicating with our support team for help setting up his system, and he was beyond appreciative. “You guys are the best,” he told us. “You’ve always been super responsive. The few times that I’ve had issues, I’ve always gotten an immediate response from your support team. I’d say, by and large, you guys are doing an awesome job.”

As the customer-rated #1 digital signage platform, Raydiant takes our customer feedback seriously, using it to inform new updates and functionality features. When our customers are happy, we know we’ve done our job.

About Raydiant for Restaurants

Raydiant’s Experience Platform helps restaurants improve their customer experience while streamlining internal processes. Digital menu boards add marketing value and are easier to read than static menus—plus, they are easy to update, even when changing menu items on several menu boards across locations. Raydiant’s cloud-based

interface makes it easy to update signage from anywhere, and our large app library gives customers access to additional functions, like curated, mood-based music playlists that automatically regenerate, and an app that updates menus across platforms like Door Dash and GrubHub, all with one click of a button.


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