Easy-to-Manage Signage Is Key for This Growing Sporting Goods Retailer

“Having it all accessible online was really important to us, and the flexibility of all the tools and apps was very attractive.”


When Mitchell Tyler, his brother, and father started SafeSide Tactical, they were looking to provide small firearms and training in an underserved area in rural Virginia. The small sporting goods store quickly grew, causing them to open a larger facility, and eventually a second location, along with what co-owner and Vice President Tyler describes as “the largest indoor shooting range east of the Mississippi.”

With their business growth came a need for a digital signage solution that was both manageable and scalable for the multiple locations and in-store screens they employed. After some research, Tyler came across Raydiant, and has been a customer and fan ever since. SafeSide Tactical is now on year three of using Raydiant to promote sales and special store events. We sat down with Tyler to discuss how he uses Raydiant to increase the business’s revenue and connect in-store customers to their brand.

From Outdated Content to Up-toDate Screens

SafeSide Tactical quickly realized they were outgrowing their DIY digital signage. Staff found it difficult to find time to keep the screens updated, and so their on-screen messaging was often obsolete or outdated. Promotions for special events that passed or had been cancelled were often still being displayed, and Tyler was tired of driving over an hour to the other location just to update the digital signage. But then he found Raydiant, and was impressed with the system, and the fact that it could be managed from anywhere. “Having it all accessible online was really important to us,” Tyler told us. “And the flexibility of all the tools and apps was very attractive.”

“Raydiant built a couple of custom tools for us, like an internal dashboard, and the support team was really easy to work with.”


Promoting Products, Trainings, and InStore Events to Multiple Audiences

This family-run sporting goods retailer sells to law enforcement and security companies as well as the general public. SafeSide Tactical offers both the hardware and the training for new gun owners and professionals alike. This means they have to keep up—not just with multiple screens in multiple locations—but also with multiple messages to speak to their diverse customer base. With Raydiant, they can manage their messaging easily—creating, scheduling, and changing onscreen content via Raydiant’s secure, cloud-based system that’s accessible via any internet-enabled device.

What type of content does SafeSide Tactical promote on their in-store screens? Everything from YouTube videos of their commercials to info on upcoming training, “date nights,” and other special in-store events.

Live Feeds That Don’t Interfere with the Main Message

SafeSide Tactical is now enjoying year three as a happy Raydiant customer, and they love the system’s innovative dashboard, which is being upgraded constantly with exciting new tools. What tools does Tyler find the most helpful for his application? “The multi-screen option,” he answers, “and the ability to scroll headlines at the bottom of the screen while still having our primary sales content front and center—that’s really great.”

Because SafeSide has outdoor facilities, they like to post live weather feeds and forecasts for customers who are considering using them. Customers appreciate seeing realtime information that is relevant to them, such as news feeds, industry news, and local weather. Raydiant makes it easy to display all of this instantly on your screen, and without having to update it constantly or worry that it will overpower your main messaging.

A Custom Toolkit Tailored to Their Business

As a former programmer, Tyler talks to Raydiant’s support team about further customizing their dashboard. “Raydiant built a couple of custom tools for us, like an internal dashboard, and the support team was really easy to work with,” he says. “Overall, it’s been really great. And as we’ve had ideas for how to use the system, Raydiant has either already had the solution, or has worked with us to find one.”

With a constantly evolving, ever-updating system, Raydiant is always looking to expand our capabilities—and we look to you, our customers, as our main source of inspiration. When we hear from customers like Tyler, who are happy with Raydiant’s versatile system but wish to expand their functionality by adding even more tools to the dashboard, we listen.

“It’s a great way to keep the on-screen content refreshed without having to go in and manually refresh it.”


A Social Media Wall with Always-Fresh Content

With Raydiant’s Instagram integration, customers can create an instant social wall displaying curated content from their feed. Tyler loves this functionality, as SafeSide Tactical has an active social media presence. “It’s a great way to keep the on-screen content refreshed without having to go in and manually refresh it, “ he says. “We’re already doing daily or weekly social media posts, so it ties in well to our in-store experience.” With this capability, SafeSide (and all Raydiant subscribers) can post hi-res images and videos from their feed, as well as user-generated content from their followers.

With Raydiant, you can also set content with branded and industry-related hashtags to automatically display on one or all of your screens. Not only does this unify your brand messaging for multiple locations, but the constantly refreshing content means less time spent creating new content (though most of our customers find the process easy and fun).

About Raydiant for Retail

Raydiant’s Experience Platform helps retailers engage customers and create positive associations with their brand that foster brand trust and loyalty. We do this using our multi-dimensional system that affects multiple senses—from the bold, dynamic visuals to the custom, mood-based playlists tailored to fit your brand’s vibe. Retailers love Raydiant because it helps them to improve the customer experience, gaining an edge on competitors in their space. Our system can be used in the retail space in multiple ways: as animated promotional displays that catch the eye, clear wayfinding signage that draws and directs foot traffic, immersive social media walls that entertain in-store customers, and more.

Our plug-and-play device is easily installed and set up in a matter of minutes, and our intuitive user interface has several drag-and-drop design tools and over 150,000 templates to choose from. The cloud-based system is also accessible anytime, anywhere, so you don’t have to be at work—or spend a lot of time—creating gorgeous displays that look like they were designed by professionals.


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