Digital Signage Engages Patients While “Paying for Itself” at this Practice


“It’s valuable to my patients, and it’s valuable to me,” says Heart Mountain Hearing Center’s Chris Pelletier about using Raydiant in his hearing practice.


Promotes their practice


Educates their patients


Occupies patients during waiting time

For almost 10 years, the Heart Mountain Hearing Center has been seeing patients with hearing loss at their small practice in rural Ralston, Wyoming. Owner and Hearing Instrument Specialist Chris Pelletier runs this growing practice, which is adding two more offices in the coming year. Part of the recent office updates included adding a Raydiantenabled 65” screen to their lobby. “I see the value of the Raydiant screen because we have a captive audience,” says Pelletier, who says he uses on-screen content to advertise sales and promotions, encourage public health practices, and further educate his patients on hearing loss and the technologies available to them. Here’s how Raydiant helps this small practice improve their patient experience while increasing promotional sales.

“I like that you can change up the content every week or sit down and plan what your content is going to be for the month ahead, and then schedule it.”


Promotional Content Entertains Patients as They Wait

From monthly specials to videos of the practice’s TV commercials, the on-screen content Pelletier includes has a three-fold goal: to promote the practice, to educate patients, and to occupy their time in a positive way while they wait for their appointment. “They see the screen and say ‘Oh, there’s a sale on hearing aid batteries this month—I’d better pick some up,’ or whatever promo we’re running at the moment,” says Pelletier.

But promotions aren’t the only thing Raydiant digital signage is useful for, as Pelletier then adds: “It also helps if we’re running a few minutes behind, patients have something to entertain them and occupy their time so they’re not just sitting there bored.” And he’s right: studies have proven that digital signage decreases a person’s perceived wait time (how long they think they’ve been waiting in line or in a waiting room or lobby) by up to 35%.

Informative Content Patients Love (and is Easy to Manage)

Another way the Heart Mountain Hearing Center engages in-office customers is by displaying trivia facts and other educational content on their Raydiant screen. “Our patients love it,” says Pelletier. “It gives them a bit of useful information while they’re waiting.” Pelletier uses the screen to display hearing loss-related facts from Starkey Technologies. The screen is also used to display informational videos and live weather feeds, and he plans on adding patient testimonials to the rotation. Pelletier likes that he can control the on-screen messaging. “I don’t have to worry about patients seeing a competitor’s commercial or getting stuck watching negative news stories. With Raydiant, I get to control the content, and can change it at any point.”

Speaking of switching up the content, Pelletier loves Raydiant’s diverse capabilities. “I like that you can change up the content every week or sit down and plan what your content is going to be for the month ahead, and then schedule it. That also makes it easy to tie in my on-screen content with my marketing efforts.”

Remotely Managed Signage for the Ultimate Flexibility

We often hear from our customers how much they love Raydiant’s remote accessibility. With its cloud-based platform, the user interface is accessible from anywhere, anytime, giving business owners with busy schedules the flexibility they need to manage their signage on their schedule. Pelletier agrees: “I like that it can be managed remotely and changed at the drop of a hat.” Pelletier likes that he can switch up content when he wants to, like scheduling videos from the practice’s YouTube channel to play on a loop or displaying new trivia facts and seasonal promotions. This is one of the reasons he’s been recommending Raydiant to other practice owners, especially those who have multiple locations. “I think it would be very beneficial for them,” explains Pelletier. “They can use it to display the same messaging in every office, and manage that messaging remotely.

Keeping Patients and Employees Safe with Public Health Messaging

Like many businesses, Heart Mountain Hearing Center is adjusting their in-office experience to meet COVID-19 protocols. They are reorganizing their lobby to ensure proper social distancing and other safety measures for both patients and staff. Pelletier told us that he’s planning on using Raydiant in these efforts by displaying important public health reminders on screen.

Promoting practices like social distancing, regular hand washing, wearing masks, and staying home when sick will all be part of the on-screen messaging, which will also include the practice’s disinfecting practices and their new protocol on taking patients’ temperature before they come inside.

Businesses like Pelletier’s—especially those also in the healthcare industry—find digital signage an invaluable tool for creating high-profile displays that get noticed. This is especially important when displaying important public health reminders, which could prevent sickness and even loss of life. Many Raydiant customers are using their displays during COVID-19 to display informative videos from reputable organizations like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Our patients love it! It gives them a bit of useful information while they’re waiting.”


A Happy Customer is the Best Form of Advertising

Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing, and we were delighted that Pelletier had many good things to say about his experience as a Raydiant customer. “I think it’s a great product,” he told us. “It’s a great thing to have in the office. It’s valuable to my patients, and it’s valuable to me.”

As part of a buyer’s group called the Starkey Hearing Alliance, Pelletier has also had the opportunity to recommend Raydiant to hundreds of other business owners in his field. “I’ve told several people about it,” says Pelletier, adding: “Money-wise, I think it’s worth it too. It really pays for itself.”

About Raydiant for Healthcare

Raydiant’s Experience Platform helps hospitals and those in the healthcare field provide a better patient experience. Our healthcare customers use their Raydiant-enabled screens to post important health reminders and protocols (for COVID-19 and everyday health), provide wayfinding signage, post interactive directories, and more. And with Raydiant’s Virtual Room system, which uses BlueJeans video conferencing,

doctors and other professionals can conduct telemedicine visits, consult specialists remotely, and connect with professionals in other locations. Raydiant’s simple plug-and-play hardware gets you up and running in minutes, and our user-friendly interface makes it easy to create gorgeous signage—even on a busy schedule.


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