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Your In-Restaurant Instagram Strategy

Nov 26, 2019

People love to Instagram food. They also love to look at curated photos of food, drinks, and people being social. As a restaurant owner or manager, you probably already use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy. It makes sense, since Instagram has become more important than Yelp when it comes to customer influence. But did you know that more restaurants are also using digital signage technology to display delicious photos from their Instagram feed on their restaurant’s TVs?

Raydiant’s digital signage technology has an Instagram app that allows you to showcase images and videos from your feed on one or more screens in your restaurant. Let’s talk about the benefits of using Instagram with Raydiant for restaurants:

Why Use Raydiant to Display Your Instagram Images?

Restaurant guests are a captive audience, so why not market to them—and in the form of engaging content that entertains and adds ambience? Using Raydiant to display your Instagram content will help to increase sales, validate your brand, boost promotions, and attract more Instagram followers. Plus, it’s fun to post a photo and then see it on the big screen! 

Here are some benefits of using Raydiant to display your Instagram media:

Increase Sales with Enticing, High-Res Photos 

Currently, Instagram is the top social network for viewing photos. Displaying those same high-res photos on TVs in your restaurant is a no-brainer. People follow restaurants on Instagram to see popular menu items, new and seasonal items, and special event announcements. They want to see your food photos, which is why they’re following you in the first place! And a well-placed Instagram photo may look delicious on a phone or tablet, but think of the impact it will have on a TV screen! 

Validate Your Brand by Showing Posts from Happy Customers

According to Instagram, 50% of people on the social media platform follow a business, and 60% of people use Instagram to find out more about a product or service. Customers are also 2.4 times more likely to trust user-generated content (UGC) over a brand’s content. These stats aren’t surprising—when people want to know how good a product or service is, they look to other customers for feedback. Take advantage of your UGC by showing your customers enjoying themselves and their dining experience on big screens in your restaurant. Not only will this influence your customers in house, but it will engage the followers whose posts you’re sharing (just don’t forget to get permission first)!

Promote Special Events and Seasonal Offerings

Want to boost the visibility of special promotions, seasonal items, in-house events, fundraisers and charities you’re hosting at your restaurant, and more? Post them to Instagram and use the power of digital signage to advertise those posts on screen to guests as they are waiting in line and dining. Make them aware of loyalty programs, music nights, and other reasons to come back and dine with you. You can also use Instagram and digital signage together to share your social media campaigns and branded hashtags, and to encourage your customers to do the same.  

Engage Customers by Sharing Their Restaurant Photos in Real-Time 

Encourage customers to “check in” at your restaurant on their own Instagram for a chance to be featured on your feed—and on screen! —in real-time as they dine. Customers will love seeing themselves and their friends on the big screen—and that’s more UGC for you as well—so it’s a win-win. Using digital signage and social media together in this way creates an interactive atmosphere and adds to a positive customer experience and a positive association with your brand.

Turn Your Guests into Instagram Followers

Whether its their first time dining with you or they’re regulars, your customers may not already be your Instagram followers. Showcasing stunning Instagram photos and videos that engage them while they dine may just incite them to follow you for more of the same. And it goes without saying (but we will anyway) that more Instagram followers = a further marketing reach = more money in your pocket.

Maybe they came for a wine tasting and want to be in the loop, so they know when the next one is scheduled. Or maybe they want to know when your new outdoor patio will be finished. They might also decide to follow you because they saw from your posts that they share the same social consciousness as your brand. There are many reasons to follow you—and sharing your Instagram photos on screen in your restaurant highlights them all!

How to Use Instagram with Raydiant

We’ve discussed the whys of using Raydiant and Instagram, now let’s discuss the how. The refreshing thing about Raydiant technology is that, though advanced, it’s very simple to install and to use. Raydiant uses plug-and-play hardware, called a ScreenRay, that can be plugged into the HDMI port of any TV. You can use that to connect one or all TVs in your restaurant for instant digital signage. 

Our cloud-based interface makes it easy to setup (simply follow the on-screen instructions) and access from any device connected to the internet. Once Raydiant is set up, follow these easy instructions to start sharing those drool-worthy food photos from your Instagram feed to your screens! You can choose from single- to multiple-photo layouts, add headlines and other text, and set your photos to shuffle. And if you want to make changes, you can do so from any internet-connected device—including your phone!

Try Raydiant at Your Restaurant Today—Risk-Free!

There are so many ways your restaurant can benefit from Raydiant digital signage. Use it to create and instantly update digital menu boards, even scheduling dayparting menus and seasonal offerings way ahead of time. Create and upload bold visuals and dynamic videos to attract more customers and tell your brand story. Promote new dishes, in-house events, and seasonal items—really, anything you like!—on screen. The possibilities are truly endless.   

We’re confident that you’ll see the same positive results as other Raydiant customers. However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our product, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.



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