Windstream and Raydiant Partner for High-Speed Digital Signage

Jun 01, 2020

Businesses of all sizes, and across industries, are increasingly using digital signage as a way to communicate regularly with their customers. The digital signage industry as a whole is slated to reach nearly 36 billion by 2026, and it’s no wonder: digital signage is proven to increase sales, drive foot traffic, and provide a superior customer experience. And since the onset of COVID-19, businesses are increasingly using digital signs to prominently display public health and safety reminders, important changes like new services or business hours, and positive messages of community outreach.

Many of our customers are seeing this need increase in their own industries. In fact, one such Raydiant customer—a world-class network provider, Kinetic Business by Windstream—received so many customer requests for digital signage, and loved our service so much that we came together and formed a strategic partnership! This strategic partnership enables Kinetic Business to offer small- and mid-sized businesses a new end-to-end digital signage solution that includes Raydiant’s intuitive, cloud-based platform powered by high-speed internet connectivity.

About Kinetic Business by Windstream 

Kinetic Business by Windstream is a business internet provider that also offers communications and other connectivity solutions for small and midsize businesses.

Windstream Holdings, Inc., is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions. Windstream provides data networking, core transport, security, unified communications and managed services to mid-market, enterprise, and wholesale customers across the U.S. 

The company also offers broadband, entertainment and security services for consumers and small and medium-sized businesses primarily in rural areas in 18 states. Services are delivered over multiple network platforms including a nationwide IP network, their proprietary cloud core architecture and on a local and long-haul fiber network spanning approximately 150,000 miles.

What Kinetic and Raydiant’s Partnership Means for Their Customers

Fiber Internet Offers Optimized Performance 

Kinetic Business’s fiber internet offers speeds up to 1 GB, which not only means optimized digital signage, but better, faster cloud performance in general. That translates to faster upload and download and credit card processing speeds, smoother video conferencing connections, and an overall improved performance for internal apps and programs. There’s enough bandwidth for it all! This setup also makes it easy for businesses to scale their digital signage with their business. 

Multiple Screens and Large Media Files are No Problem 

Whether customers have one location with multiple screens, or several locations with one or more screens, a secure, reliable high-speed internet connection is necessary. Not only are they using the network to power several screens at once, but they also must power their attention-getting content—which likely includes hi-res images and large video files. With Raydiant digital signage powered by Kinetic Business’s robust internet connectivity, this is made possible.

Kinetic Business customers can now enjoy the Raydiant platform, which can be used to create any number of gorgeous digital posters and videos from over 150,000 templates. Our intuitive interface also lets them schedule their screens to display the content they want—when they want it. 

With Kinetic Business’s high-speed connectivity, they can set and forget their digital signage without worrying that it will freeze or stop working altogether—even with multiple screens and internal processes going on simultaneously. No blue screens of death, no crashing, no dark or sputtering screens—just vivid signage that catches customers’ eyes for all the right reasons.

A Cloud-Based Platform for Flexibility 

Raydiant’s digital signage offers complete flexibility with a secure cloud platform that can be accessed from anywhere, and with any device. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create designer-level digital signage content without any graphic design skills or training. Now, Kinetic Business customers can use Raydiant to create, schedule, display, and update their content in minutes, from the comforts of their own home or anywhere with an internet connection. They are now able to power one or 100 screens at one or multiple locations with just a few clicks—using dynamic digital signage that is proven to increase revenue and drive more foot traffic

Digital Signage Made Even More Reliable 

While it’s true that Raydiant has an impressive 99.95% uptime, adding high-speed internet into the mix makes our digital signage that much more reliable. By offering Raydiant digital signage to their customers, Kinetic Business enables them to easily load and display hi-res images and large video files without incident—or interruption. That means no chance of frozen or “broken” digital signage, regardless of what else (POS system, etc.) is sharing the bandwidth. They get to enjoy more speed and reliability for uninterrupted digital signage that plays the way it’s meant to. 

Why reliability matters for digital signage 

An unreliable worker costs your business time and money, and unreliable digital signage is no different. Digital signs that aren’t working properly mean longer lines and wait times, as well as other customer inconveniences. Plus, broken digital signage could cost you more than 32% in additional sales and lead to a 68% loss of customers who would otherwise enter your door because they were drawn in by your eye-catching signs. By contrast, beautiful, functional signs boost sales, promote your brand, and offer an elevated customer experience.  

But what about the cost—both in time and expenses—of unreliable digital signage? Think about the manpower and hours it takes to troubleshoot a digital signage system that is always on the fritz? Or digital signs that stall when you can’t be on site, or don’t have the staff support to troubleshoot the system? By offering Raydiant digital signage, Kinetic Business helps their customers avoid these costly problems. Raydiant’s 99.95% uptime supported by Kinetic Business’s high-speed internet connectivity means digital signage they can count on. 


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