5 Reasons Why You’re Killing Your Brand with DIY Digital Signage

Dec 26, 2019

When looking at their digital signage options, some companies consider going the do-it-yourself (or DIY) route. “We can just display images and videos of our products and services on our TVs,” they reason. “It’s the same thing as what digital signage companies offer—and it’s free!” But they quickly find out the true cost and headache of DIY digital signage—and start looking at other options. In this post, we will consider the true cost of DIY digital signage, and how Raydiant solves these problems in a reliable, cost-effective way.

#1. It’s Costly and Time Consuming

Such is the irony of “free stuff”: it often costs you much more in the long run. DIY digital signage may work for a day or two, but static images and a regularly crashing system gets old fast. It also gets expensive fast. For example, a DIY digital signage system typically consists of many disparate electronic components that are rigged to work together. These systems are not built for reliability, especially in a commercial environment that requires it to work several hours a day, most or all days of the week. Not only is your digital signage unreliable, but your employees are using time they should be using assisting customers trying to fix digital signs that keep crashing and freezing. 

The Raydiant digital signage system is comprised of hardware and software that is designed to work together, and work reliably, in commercial environments for consistently beautiful, consistently working digital signage. Raydiant maintains a 99.95% uptime, and requires no add-ons (hardware or software), for reliable digital signage you can set and forget. 

#2. It Doesn’t Scale for Larger Networks

DIY digital signage is very limiting, especially for large networks and businesses with multiple locations. With a DIY system, every time you want to make changes to your digital signs, you must do so from the physical system, wherever it may be. The benefits of a cloud-based system like Raydiant is that you can access it from any device with an internet connection. You can also make changes to not just one, but multiple screens—and in one or multiple locations—without having to make a special trip to your business location. 

#3. It Won’t Let You Display Dynamic Content

With DIY digital signs, you’re typically limited with what type of content you can display—static images get boring fast, for both you and your customers. This type of “digital signage” is just as effective as printed signs, so what’s the point of using it at all? With a digital signage provider like Raydiant, you get dynamic digital signs with interactive content that attracts and engages your customers. The Raydiant system also acts as a content creator and editor, offering a large library of apps you can use to easily create designer-level content that you can make your own with branded images and messaging. 

Create stunning signs with apps like PosterMyWall, which offers thousands of HD and 4K image and video templates that catch the eye. Set the mood with custom playlists created from our Soundtrack Your Brand app, which offers millions of popular songs, all of which are full licensed for your use. Our BlueJeans video conferencing app connects you with employees and customers at other locations. If you’re a restaurant, you can use our SinglePlatform app to update your menu on all major ordering platforms from one interface. Play YouTube videos directly from the YouTube app, display live event calendars with our Calendars app, and share your (and your customers’) best Instagram photos—all included from the easy-to-use Raydiant interface. 

Compared with one-dimensional DIY digital signage, Raydiant’s multi-functional digital signage provides a complete, unique experience your customers and employees will love. 

#4. It Lacks Security and Makes You Vulnerable to Errors

Research has found that, by 2021, there will be an estimated $6 trillion dollar loss to businesses due to cybersecurity breaches. And since over half of cyber attacks are launched at small businesses, no business can afford to put themselves at risk, security-wise. “Homemade” digital signage uses software that, when left un-updated for uninterrupted displays, leaves your entire system open to hackers and other cybersecurity breaches. Even if you don’t get hacked, you are much more likely to deal with errors like the blue screen of death when the computer crashes, or annoying pop-up screens that won’t go away.

Raydiant software is managed in a secure cloud and updated regularly. When you use Raydiant digital signage, you get a team of engineers constantly monitoring the software, patching and keeping it up to date so that you don’t have to. Not only does this keep your system secure, but it means that your digital signage runs without interruption. 

#5. It Leaves a Lot of Room for Error

Cobbling together software and hardware for a DIY digital signage system makes you more susceptible to errors and hiccups. When your system crashes, everything crashes—digital signage and all. Raydiant offers plug-and-play hardware that is simple to set up, and a user interface that is easy to navigate. Because our system is made for commercial use—and designed for large networks, making it functional no matter your business size—you can trust it to work as hard as you do, which is often several hours a day and most or all days of the week.  And though we offer an uptime of 99.95% or better, if you do have problems, we own and support both our hardware and software, so any problems that arise will be solved by our team of dedicated engineers. 

Get What You Pay for with Raydiant 

Don’t put your business systems at risk with DIY digital signage. Get a secure, reliable system that gives you attractive digital displays without any headaches. With Raydiant, you get to control your digital signage, from creating gorgeous displays with pre-designed image and video templates to scheduling your content to display when and where you wish. Whether your company is large or small, with one or multiple locations, we have a digital signage solution that is scaled (and scalable) for your business. 


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