Why Raydiant is the Most Reliable Choice for Digital Signage (and Why it Matters)

Nov 26, 2019

It’s been estimated that the digital signage market is expected to reach $32 billion by 2023. It’s no wonder, since what used to only be affordable for airports and sports stadiums is now accessible to businesses of every size and industry. But as digital signage systems become more integrated into everyday business operations, their reliability means the difference between a great customer experience and costly interruptions.

On average, Raydiant digital signage maintains a 99.95% uptime. This means that you can rely on our digital signage to work virtually all of the time—no freezing screens, no “blue screens of death,” no crashes. Let’s take a look at how Raydiant does it, and why it matters for your business.

Why Reliability Matters with Digital Signage

Think about it: Restaurants need to know that their digital menu boards won’t crash during the lunch rush. Hospitals need their digital signage working so that healthcare workers can communicate with patients any time of the day or night. Retailers need uninterrupted digital signage to display special promotions and sales. These are just a few examples of how unreliable digital signage can lose business, money, and so much more. For example:

Unreliable digital signage can cost you over 25% in revenue (and more in lost sales)

Studies have found that digital signage can increase sales by more than 30%, as it is used to attract the attention of customers and passersby, promote new and seasonal products, upsell and increase impulse buys, and more. This percentage increase merely reflects the added business that digital signage brings—but what about the business lost by digital signage not working, causing longer queues, longer wait times, and other customer inconveniences? 

Numbers don’t lie: research has shown that eight out of 10 customers enter a store for the first time because digital signage caught their attention. That same survey found that 68% of customers believe that the store’s signage reflected the quality of its products or services. With digital signage that doesn’t work or is unreliable, these are lost opportunities at best and deterrents to customers at worst.

When digital signage doesn’t work, neither can your employees 

When functioning properly, digital signage is an asset to your business, as well as to your employees. But an unreliable system costs time and energy to maintain it—and who wants to babysit a system that needs constant attention in order to run smoothly? And what about the times when you’re not at your business location—how will you troubleshoot problems that arise? Can you count on your digital signage to work while you’re away, and if not—what then?

Digital signage downtime not only affects your bottom line due to lost sales (in retail and restaurant environments, etc.) but it also affects the morale of your employees. After all, digital signage is used to connect employees, foster communication between departments, and keep everyone connected to the company’s goals and objectives. When it’s not working, employees lack the tools they need to get their job done, causing them to feel unsupported and disengaged. In one study, 92% of employees said that their work satisfaction relied on having the tools necessary to do their job. 

Bad or broken digital signage gives your brand a bad rap 

Digital signage is an effective tool for telling your brand story via a video, helping your customers find the right product for them through interactive displays, and highlight promotions and events in your store or restaurant. But when it’s not working—or worse, when your screen is stuck showing broken images or a frozen video frame—digital signage can reflect poorly on your brand’s image. 

Don’t let broken digital displays become synonymous with your brand. No one wants to hear customers tell each other “Their menu boards are always broken” or say about your new interactive display, “It’s really cool—when it’s working!” No matter how much you pay for your digital signage, if it’s unreliable, your customers will think you are too. 

What Other Digital Signage Providers Get Wrong

What are the causes of unreliable digital signage, and how can you avoid them? Here are a few things that some digital signage providers do that cause their systems to have issues:

They use unreliable software

Many digital signage providers use Microsoft Windows running on desktops to power their digital signage. That means the same blue screen you see when your system crashes will appear on your digital signage when it stops working. (Don’t think this is a big deal? Check out this epic digital signage fail at an NBA game.) And what about software updates and other interruptions? Yep, your customers will see it all on your in-house digital screens. 

Aside from the obvious and embarrassing eyesore of a blue screen or a dialog box showing instead of your gorgeous content, there are security risks with this type of setup. Software is often not updated, and security issues are left unfixed, leaving your digital signage—and your entire system—vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. Not to mention that these types of software become obsolete (and therefore unsupported) after a few years—or they are already, if using an old version like Windows 8 or older.

They use consumer-grade hardware for businesses

Aside from choosing the right digital screen (LCD commercial-grade screens are the best choice for crisp, vibrant displays), hardware is a key element in how your digital signage functions. Some digital signage providers use flimsy, unreliable consumer-grade hardware, like Chromecast, to power their digital displays. However, this hardware was designed for streaming services like Netflix to homes—its minimal storage capacity is not meant for the rigors of a commercial environment, where it will need to function several hours a day for most or all days of the week. It would be like using your home kitchen as your restaurant kitchen—it’s not designed for that type of harsh, continual use, and therefore you couldn’t expect reliable results.

What Raydiant Gets Right

Raydiant technology was designed specifically for creating, editing, and displaying digital signage content for commercial environments. Large and small businesses use Raydiant for their digital signage because it has proven itself a reliable digital signage solution. Here are a few reasons why:

We use dedicated, durable hardware

Raydiant uses business-grade hardware made for commercial applications, so that they are both durable and reliable. Our plug-and-play hardware uses a ScreenRay device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV for quick installation and setup. And since we’ve engineered our entire system—from the hardware to the software—for commercial environments, our operating system is heavily customized, cloud-managed (and cloud-updated), and highly secure. Raydiant hardware is also supported for life and replaced at no charge if needed.

We use our own, secure software 

We use our own software, which is managed in a secure cloud. Our dedicated team of engineers are monitoring the system at all times, ensuring that it is always patched, always up to date, and always working. This means that Raydiant software is significantly less vulnerable to cybersecurity leaks, hackers, and viruses than other digital signage software. 

We offer integrated, personalized support 

No matter whether the problem is hardware or software—or you’re simply unsure—you can contact us for immediate assistance. Since Raydiant owns both the hardware and software we use, we can offer integrated support for seamless troubleshooting. Our customers only need to reach one support team to get the help they need. 

Raydiant’s US-based support team is made up of live humans—not chatbots—that are highly trained to help with training, troubleshooting, and all other customer inquiries. Known for our fast response rate, our team members will personally resolve any issue submitted through our help portal. 

In addition to our support team, we also offer a detailed support page filled with FAQs, how-to articles, and other helpful customer resources.

We are as serious about your business as you are

When it comes to digital signage, you shouldn’t be left on your own—you need a partner you can trust. Using Raydiant digital signage is like onboarding a team of dedicated engineers whose job it is to ensure that your digital signs are functioning properly, and all at no extra cost. And since we engineered our entire system—from the robust hardware to the secure software—for commercial environments of all sizes, you can trust that Raydiant digital signage will remain a reliable, long-lasting business tool.

Learn More about Raydiant Digital Signage

Use Raydiant to:

  • Create, add, and edit media—images, videos, and more
  • Display digital menu boards—and schedule dayparting and seasonal menus
  • Promote new products and special events
  • Show live event calendars that sync with your Google calendar
  • Highlight curated content from your Instagram feed
  • Play live news feeds and music playlists

To find out more about Raydiant digital signage—or to schedule a free demo—visit us at

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