Tips for a Happy Team: #1. Provide Better Communication Tools

May 13, 2021

Three-quarters of the US workforce list collaboration as “very important” for their job. And good workplace communication is a key factor in keeping top talent, resulting in 4.5 times the employee retention than workplaces without it. There’s no question that communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of a happy and productive team. So why does 80% of today’s workforce still rate their company’s communication as average or poor? The answer lies, in part, with the technology they’re using—or not using. 

The Role of Digital Communication Tools in Today’s Workplace

Think those company-wide emails are keeping employees in the loop? Think again. On average, 60% of employees say they ignore emails at work. And while open-plan workstations have become the norm, they’re not the conduit of communication that they were expected to be. In fact, research shows that employees working in open-plan offices actually spend 73% less time on face-to-face communication. Many businesses rely on technology to bridge the communication gap in the office, but with mixed results. Emails, as mentioned, prove ineffective much of the time. Instant messaging and team chats are useful tools, but lack the personal connection needed to build a strong team. It’s time for better solutions.

Connect Your Team with An All-in-One Communication Tool 

Combining the face-to-face interaction of video conferencing with the easy document sharing of other messaging apps, SecondScreen is second to none when it comes to communication tools. Easy to onboard, the SecondScreen system is a turnkey solution for offices looking for a better way to communicate—especially remote and hybrid teams looking for a better way to connect in real time. 

SecondScreen works independently from an employee’s main workstation, so they can pop on and off for meetings and one-on-one chats without closing out tabs or software. It uses a Raydiant-enabled TV screen or tablet, video chat technology, and on-screen messaging and real-time document sharing so that you can get the most out of each interaction. 

Use SecondScreen for:

  • All-hands meetings
  • Huddles
  • Collaboration sessions
  • Conferences
  • One-on-one meetings and chats

Keep Your Team Motivated with Real-Time Data Boards 

You may think you’re keeping your employees in the loop—and maybe you are. But 74% of employees report feeling they’re missing out on important company information. And 57% say they’re not given clear directions at work. That means that the majority of our workers are not only confused about how to perform job-related tasks, but this lack of communication also affects their morale. Who can stay motivated to reach KPIs when they’re unclear on what they are, how to accomplish them, and what effect (if any) it has on their business? 

Performance management and motivation solution Hoopla accomplishes both by providing real-time company data as leaderboards on your in-office screens. As part of Raydiant’s recent acquisition of the software, Hoopla is now available in the Raydiant app library. It imports data from your CRM, spreadsheets, and MAS to automatically populate sales leaderboards on your Raydiant-enabled office TVs. These leaderboards are visual representations of important company data and employee KPIs. It allows your employees to see their progress as they strive to reach performance goals, and keeps them motivated with visual reminders along the way. Plus, Hoopla lets you to set “celebration” moments, complete with fun graphics and sounds, to publicly recognize employees as they reach their goal. 

Let Their Expertise Shine with Virtual Customer Service  

One workplace survey discovered that employees who use their strengths on the job each day are 6 times more likely to report feeling engaged at work. They are also 4.6 times more likely to do their best work as a result. Empower your employees by letting them use their customer service skills and on-the-job expertise to help more customers. Retailers who want to leverage their workers’ talents, no matter what location they’re in, love our Virtual Agent solution. 

Virtual Agent is an all-in-one system that uses video conferencing and an interactive touchscreen as a sort of in-store information desk, where customers can go to get virtual customer service in real time. Let’s say you’re a gardening and landscaping retailer with several locations. A customer who wants to know more about raised garden beds can go up to an in-store Virtual Agent screen to ask for expert advice from your raised garden expert at another location. Or perhaps you’re a bank with limited personnel, and you want to use Virtual Agent to educate customers on special offers and promotions through self-guided, interactive screens in your lobby. 

There are so many ways to use Virtual Agent, but no matter the application, this tool will streamline your work flows, help you utilize your team’s talents to the full, and provide a more engaging customer experience. 

How Better Tools = Happier Workers 

Digital communication tools work on multiple fronts to create happier, more engaged workers. They help connect teams and departments, making for a stronger work culture. They enable the easy flow of ideas, preventing miscommunications that cause gridlock in workflows, process errors, and personal affronts between co-workers. Good digital communication and collaboration tools also support your workers in their day-to-day processes, boosting their productivity and giving them a sense of accomplishment. And when a worker has digital tools that clearly define their personal KPIs and the business’s overall goals—and that track the progress of both—it motivates them and boosts morale. 

The Important Link Between Employee/Customer Experience 

Business owners are quickly discovering the correlation between their customer experience and their employee experience. They are finding that you can’t have disengaged or downright miserable workers and attract customers at the same time. To draw more customers, build brand trust, and offer glowing service that leads to glowing reviews, you need to work on improving your employee experience. We’re here to help with this exclusive series of blog posts that discuss how to build a happy team. 

This blog post is the first of five in this series. For an overview of all five tips, or a deep dive into the employee/customer experience connection, download our white paper today. 


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