The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Restaurant Sales with Digital Signage

Nov 26, 2019

Are your customers skipping your sides, add-ons, and desserts? Then you’re missing out on your biggest revenue opportunity! Raydiant digital signage can help increase your revenues and margins by over 30% on sales of appetizers, sides, add-ons, and desserts by enticing your customers with mouth-watering images of your food on vibrant digital displays. Make them crave your food while they wait in line so that they’re primed to order! Studies show that it will decrease their perceived wait time and, in some instances, be 70% more likely to make an “impulse buy” because of digital signage.

Here’s how and why to increase your restaurant’s revenue with these low-ticket menu items using Raydiant digital signage:

Why Restaurants Should Focus on Selling Low-Ticket Menu Items

An analysis of more than one thousand restaurants revealed that there is an average markup of 300% for most menu ingredients. The highest profit margins come from add-on ingredients, which average a 400% to 525% markup on things like sour cream and guacamole. That’s quite a profit margin! Think about it: one avocado costs $1-$2, yet a small side of guacamole at a restaurant can cost more than triple that amount!

The same study revealed that a simple Cobb salad in a restaurant has an average markup of 248%, and soups cost almost nothing to make since the ingredients are often being used in other dishes. And sodas cost restaurants about 10 cents per serving, and are typically sold for $2-$3. All these menu items use ingredients that don’t cost much purchase, promising high profit margins that help balance out other costs.

How Digital Signage Helps Boost Overall Restaurant Sales

Studies show that digital signage can increase sales by 33% in a commercial environment. And in another study, 37% of the restaurants polled said that digital signage helped to increase sales of promotional items

Digital displays are great visual aids that can be used to upsell certain items at certain times of the day (mochas at breakfast, mimosas at brunch, etc.) and give it the “wow” factor of a big screen. Digital signs in restaurants attract more customers, distract them as they wait to order, and gets them engaged with your brand the moment they walk through your door. 

Raydiant technology allows you to do all of this, and so much more. With Raydiant, you can create, upload, update, and schedule content—displaying it all on one or more TVs in one or all your restaurants.

Bring your food to life with tasty images and videos 

Coffee may be just beans and water—an inexpensive beverage to make—but show customers an image of a hot, steaming cup of joe, and it’s easy revenue. Same with fries—they may cost pennies to make, but they will look delicious being tossed with salt on a large digital display. 

Entice customers to make unplanned purchases

The sizzle on a steak, the crack of a fresh piece of lettuce, the syrupy pour of caramel over ice cream: these visuals work because we eat with our eyes first. As mentioned, digital signage has been shown to increase customers’ unplanned purchases by up to 70%. Clearly, using digital signage to display static and dynamic visuals of food being prepared and enjoyed is a proven marketing technique that more restaurants are implementing.

Make wait times seem shorter with engaging visuals 

Keep customers occupied while they wait in line with eye-catching visuals. Not only is this a great marketing tool, but it has been shown to decrease customers’ perceived wait times by 35%. The imagery of delicious food in high-res graphics with crisp, clear colors will stoke their appetites. And when they do order, it’s more likely that they will order that calamari app or dulce de leche dessert you’re advertising. 

Instantly update menus with digital menu boards 

Using Raydiant to create a digital menu board will allow you to update your menu instantly, including adding seasonal and promotional items whenever you like. You can also schedule your menus based on the time of day, day of the week, or season. All of this is done via a user-friendly, cloud-based interface that can be accessed from any internet-connected device—including your phone.

Schedule promotional and seasonal items with digital menu boards

Streamline dayparting by scheduling your menus to change automatically, based on the time of day, season, item availability, or special promotion. Raydiant’s advanced technology lets you schedule one-time or recurring menu changes instantly. Mimosa Sundays, Wine Wednesdays, Taco Tuesdays: with digital menu boards, your menus will always be current.

Showcase your and your customers’ food photos from Instagram

Showcase scrumptious food photos from your Instagram feed on the big screen! Using Raydiant to display yours and your customers’ content on TVs in your restaurant has many benefits. First, it allows you to advertise with high-res images curated from social media, even highlighting the food you wish to promote at certain times. You can also set up to three hashtags from which to pull content, allowing you to display brand-specific photos and videos using your handle or unique hashtag. 

How Raydiant Can Help Increase Restaurant Revenue

Raydiant technology turns TVs into digital signage, menu boards, marketing videos, live event calendars, and more for restaurants and other businesses. Using our plug-and-play ScreenRay device that plugs right into your TV’s HDMI cable, the interface allows you to create, upload, and edit content to advertise your restaurant. Use high-res images, videos, event calendars, music, social media feeds, live news feeds, and more to entice your customers and add ambience to your eatery. 

Here’s what one restaurant owner said about Raydiant’s impact on his business:

“We are reaching our customers in a way we haven’t been able to before. Even if I get staff to engage with customers, it’s usually on one thing. Now, as they are in the store, they are seeing our promotions, specials, new flavors, and products as well as learning about our loyalty program, fundraisers and birthday parties without having to be told.”

—John I.

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