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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage in Retail

Dec 26, 2019

Attention-grabbing signage is a must in the retail space, especially with brick-and-mortar stores competing with online entities. But how, exactly, can retailers use digital signage to stand out from the competition and turn passersby into customers? Here are some ways that using Raydiant digital signage gives you an edge in the retail space.

Increase Foot Traffic with Show-Stopping Window Displays

Studies have shown that 76% of customers enter a store because of its signs. If you want to catch and hold the attention of passersby, you need to put your digital signs front and center. Use window-facing, dynamic displays with visually stunning images and videos to draw people into your store. Some tips on displaying content? Keep it simple, unique, and memorable. Remember: you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and give them an impression of your brand. Videos should be short and simple, allowing someone to grasp the key message of your display immediately. The text on changing digital signs should be short, ensuring that customers have enough time to read the entire message before the display changes. 

Raydiant digital signage allows you to create unique digital signs, from digital posters to vibrant video displays. And since Raydiant’s cloud-based interface is also user friendly, you don’t have to be a designer to create professional-looking displays using any device with an internet connection. 

Improve the Customer Experience with Strategically Placed Digital Signs

Brick-and-mortar stores can get the edge on their competitors and online retailers by providing a positive, memorable in-store experience for customers. Many retailers use digital signs to do this, placing TV displays strategically throughout their stores, each providing content unique for a specific moment in the customer journey. 

For example, eye-grabbing, moving digital signs get customers through your door, and informative content explains product features as they shop. Images and videos showing customers enjoying your wares serve to inspire your shoppers to purchase. And content that shares your brand story connects customers to your brand, making it memorable.  

Upsell Customers on Your Top Products with Engaging Content

One study found that a remarkable 68% of customers make purchases because of a store’s signs. Showcase your top products by displaying enticing imagery and video content on TVs throughout your store. Raydiant digital technology allows you to both create and upload high-res, promotional content, like images and videos. 

Raydiant offers the PosterMyWall app that allows users to create colorful promotional posters that can be edited and branded to display their products and logo. Our Videos app lets them upload their own videos or create one from thousands of HD and 4K templates. No matter what app they choose, Raydiant’s user interface makes it easy to create designer-quality content for retail promotional displays. 

Enhance Your Brand with Digital Signs and Consistent, In-Store Messaging

Digital signs afford you the opportunity to tell your brand story directly to your customers as they shop. Branded images and videos that take your customers through your unique brand story invites them to get to know your brand values. When customers connect with a brand, they are more likely to show loyalty to it. Digital signs can also be used to display on-message content that connects your brick-and-mortar with your online store messaging or connects multiple locations with one brand message.

Share Your Brand’s Social Side with Instagram Displays

Encourage customers to get to know your brand in the social space by displaying your Instagram content on in-store TVs. Raydiant allows you to pull your most enticing, high-res photos and videos from your feed, along with branded hashtags and user-generated content showing your customers enjoying your products. These are great ways to use fresh, cycling content on big screens to promote your brand and engage your customers as they shop.

Control Promotional Displays in Multiple Locations from One Interface

With Raydiant technology, you can create and change digital signs at one or more retail locations from any internet-connected device. Make, schedule, and display promotional content on one or more TV displays in multiple locations with Raydiant’s cloud-based interface. Choose from a large library of user-friendly apps, like PosterMyWall and Flyers, to create promotional posters, flyers, and videos for seasonal promotions and limited-time offers. Set them to display from certain dates at any or all participating stores—and update them any time you need to—by accessing Raydiant from any internet-connected device. 

Let Your Digital Signs Act as Additional Employees

Employees who work in the front of the house are the lifeblood of your business, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Instead, why not use digital signs to educate your customers on your products’ benefits, answer frequently asked questions, and show them where they can find what they need? For example, do you have a new product? Promote it through digital signs! Do you have a sale or special, in-store event coming up? Put it on your digital displays for all to see! Want customers to join your loyalty program? Remind them with digital signs placed strategically at the register. Using digital signs to inform and direct customers in these ways will free up your employees to work on selling and helping customers rather than spending a lot of time discussing product details and other minutiae. 

Use Raydiant for All Your Retail Displays 

Don’t limit your selling potential with printed signs—digital signs will attract more customers, keep them engaged, and give you the freedom to change your message with each season and promotion. Raydiant digital technology offers digital signage that is attractive, easy to install, and simple to use. Our plug-and-play hardware and simple setup (with on-screen instructions) gives you instant access to gorgeous digital signage. With Raydiant, you can upload your own brand images and videos, plus you have the freedom to create your own content from thousands of templates for both promotional photos and videos. And since we promise a 99.95% uptime, you can rely on digital signage that will never freeze or crash, despite days and hours of use in the retail environment.


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