5 Business Tips to Start the Year Off Right

It’s 2020—time to make some New Year’s resolutions for the growth of your business. Whether your business is new or established, large or small, these five business tips are proven to boost revenue, build your brand, and make you stand out from the competition.  #1. Make Purchases That Can be Written Off Come Tax Season A new tax year means new opportunities to grow your business with tools that are…

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Eye-catching digital sign in a clothing store.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage in Retail

Attention-grabbing signage is a must in the retail space, especially with brick-and-mortar stores competing with online entities. But how, exactly, can retailers use digital signage to stand out from the competition and turn passersby into customers? Here are some ways that using Raydiant digital signage gives you an edge in the retail space. Increase Foot Traffic with Show-Stopping Window Displays Studies have shown that 76% of customers enter a store…

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10 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage at Your Gym

Gyms, fitness clubs, and studios around the world are using digital signage to communicate, motivate, and sell products and services to their members. With Raydiant digital signage, you can upload, create, schedule, and show all types of content, from videos to dynamic digital “posters,” on your gym’s TV displays. Here are ten ways your gym can benefit from digital signage: Provide Class Schedules at a Glance Schedule and display live…

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10 Ways to Optimize Your Hotel with Digital Signage

Digital signage for hotels benefits both guests and hoteliers alike. It gives guests the impression of a modern, technologically advanced hotel ready to accommodate all their needs. It also streamlines many hotel processes, from welcoming guests at registration to directing them to where they want to go. Welcome Your Guests with Raydiant Digital Signage In the competitive world of hospitality, digital signage can set your brand apart. Raydiant’s plug-and-play hardware…

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How to Create an “Experience” with Raydiant

Raydiant provides more than digital signage—we create experiences. Our solar system of apps and partner services allow you to set the mood, share your brand, connect with customers and employees, and much, much more. The following are just a few of the ways to create a one-of-a-kind experience by using Raydiant in your restaurant, retail store, or business. Create branded content with PosterMyWall Our partnership with PosterMyWall allows Raydiant users…

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Instagram food photo

Your In-Restaurant Instagram Strategy

People love to Instagram food. They also love to look at curated photos of food, drinks, and people being social. As a restaurant owner or manager, you probably already use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy. It makes sense, since Instagram has become more important than Yelp when it comes to customer influence. But did you know that more restaurants are also using digital signage technology to display delicious…

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