Strengthen Your Remote Work Culture with the Raydiant Virtual Room

Jul 01, 2020

The remote workforce isn’t going anywhere: in fact, it’s been projected that 73% of all departments will have remote workers by 2028. And while studies also show that remote workers are typically more productive than on-site workers, the feeling of being disconnected from the team, and the loss of morale that results, is a real issue. In fact, more than half of them report this feeling of disconnection due to lack of communication and face-to-face contact with teammates. So, what can you do to build up your team and stay on the same page to maintain productivity? Introducing Raydiant’s new all-in-one communication tool, the Virtual Room. 

What is Virtual Room?

Raydiant’s Virtual Room system is a communications and messaging hub made to connect dispersed teams and remote workers in a place separate from their main workstation. It’s a virtual workspace that enables face-to-face communication through the Zoom video conferencing app (or BlueJeans, Webex, and other popular apps) on a Raydiant-enabled TV or tablet with an HD camera. The screen is split up into three zones, with the main screen dedicated to video conferencing, and the other zones displaying important company messages, announcements, and live feeds (like news headlines and weather). 

The Virtual Room interface includes gallery rooms where smaller groups can virtually meet to collaborate or socialize (an important way to keep your team tight and working well together). Plus, with the system’s easy navigation, you don’t need to assign separate meeting IDs or send out a calendar invite every time you want to meet in these gallery rooms—all you have to do is click a button to hop on, and you’re there in seconds! You can even move between rooms with this same ease. 

Because the Virtual Room is a plug-and-play system, that means you don’t have to waste days or even weeks on downtime like you would setting up a home office for each employee. Installation and setup take minutes, and it’s easy—you don’t have to have any IT skills to do it. Virtual Room is also available with our exclusive LTE option that offers uninterrupted internet, so you and your team don’t have to worry about the Wi-Fi freezing up during important crunch sessions. 

How Can Businesses Benefit from Using the Virtual Room?

Strengthening Company Culture

There are many reasons to focus on creating the right company culture in which your remote workers thrive: namely, lower turnover rates and better productivity. Having a dedicated communications hub is one way to provide an open communication port, sort of an “open-door policy” for the entire team, where collaboration, feedback, and even socialization is encouraged. A strong team—whether fully or partially remote—doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work. Engaging with workers—even just to say, “good morning,” have a coffee break debrief, or share on-screen team appreciation messages with them—will make them feel like part of the team.  

Improving Team Morale

Nearly one-quarter of remote workers report feeling lonely as their biggest work challenge, with collaborating and communicating with their team as their second. And with over 40% of the US workforce having part of the team working remote with the other part in office, businesses need a way to make remote workers feel as much a part of the team as their in-office workmates. Business leaders suggest using communication tools and holding weekly video meetings as the top two ways to boost the morale of remote employees. 

Boosting Productivity

An overwhelming 94% of businesses report that video conferencing boosts productivity, and 89% of workers say that it reduces the time it takes for them to complete a project or task. There’s no doubt that face-to-face interaction through video conferencing is effective. But add to that getting real-time updates, announcements, messaging, and live feeds while chatting on one screen and working on another, and you have a near-perfect system. 

Having the Virtual Room ready to go on a separate screen also means that teammates can pop in and out of gallery rooms, much like a messaging app like Slack but with video connectivity, getting that face-to-face communication and socialization that is so important for your team. And since there is no separate meeting ID or other details bogging anyone down, employees can hop into different “gallery rooms” at the click of a button, mimicking the quick brainstorming sessions that happen in the office. 

What are Other Applications for Virtual Room? 

It’s not just workmates that want to hear from you—your customers do too! Brick-and-mortar retailers can use the tablet version of Virtual Room in their self-service kiosks, where customers can click a few buttons and be connected to your customer service experts in other locations. These interactive screens can also be used to display promotional and how-to videos, show store inventory, and communicate important public health info. 

Other types of businesses can also benefit from Virtual Room: Doctors and healthcare professionals can use it to make telemedicine visits. Teachers can use it as a virtual classroom or for individual tutoring sessions. Churches can hold religious services via video. Gyms and fitness studios can train members and teach fitness classes virtually. 

Use Raydiant to Empower Your Employees—In and Out of the Office 

Along with keeping in communication with remote workers, Raydiant can be used right in the office to display important announcements, highlight new and important protocols, and show employee appreciation. With Raydiant, you can create easy-to-read, eye-catching digital signage that will get your point across clearly and look good in the process. Plus, it’s easy to manage: since it’s a cloud-based platform, you can access it from anywhere, any time. And Raydiant’s simple drag-and-drop design tools and more than 150,0000 templates let you create gorgeous content in minutes. Display on your Raydiant-enabled screen your new COVID-19 protocols, a live-work schedule and events calendar, your opening and closing procedures, compliance updates, the employee of the month, and other important company updates. Learn more about Raydiant and Virtual Room for your business by booking a free demo today.


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