Raydiant Now Offers Adentro: Better Sales Through Better Customer Visibility

Oct 07, 2021

As part of our newest partnership with Adentro, we’re offering their omnichannel marketing platform to Raydiant customers at a special price! Adentro is a marketing platform that pairs with your in-store guest WiFi to enable customer data collection, marketing automation and in-store analytics. The platform also provides brick and mortars with valuable insights about their in-store traffic. Here’s how Adentro works, and why your customers and your marketing team will thank you:

How Adentro Works

Simply pair Adentro with the guest WiFi network in your physical location and you’re done! This is as simple as making a few tweaks to your WiFi’s configuration settings (and a subscription to Adentro, of course) and you’re ready to start tracking real-life customer behavior at your store, restaurant, or other business. Adentro technology leverages the WiFi network at your location to track customers as they visit and interact at your store. This data then connects seamlessly to the Adentro marketing platform giving you in-store analytics and a marketing suite where you can identify audience segments, set up automated triggers based on visit behavior, and measure the performance of all marketing run through the platform by real customer visits. This closed-loop system gives you a full view of your customers’ behaviors, both online and off, and lets you market to them and measure your success—all in one location. 

The Power of Personalization and Targeted Marketing

Did you know that 80% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that offer a personalized experience? In fact, personalization is so important to today’s buyers that 90% of them are willing to share buying and behavioral data to make their shopping experience better. There’s a reason why top brands like Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Wells Fargo include personalization as a key marketing strategy: because it works. And without it, you’re losing customers. 

Adentro is like the marketing research tool you’ve always wanted: it gives you a complete picture of actual customer behavior, including how they interact with your marketing, products online, AND at the store level of your physical locations. This extra level of visibility allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns based on actual customer data. Along with your actual customers, the Adentro Network gives you access to the data of over 50 million customers to extend the reach of your campaigns and create higher-quality ad audiences. 

Where In-Store and Online Marketing Connects 

What better way to measure the success of an email or digital ad than to tie them directly to in-store customers—not just what they buy, but when they buy it. Adentro bridges the gap between your online and in-store marketing efforts by tracking the impact of online marketing to customers online AND offline behavior. Is foot traffic up after you sent that email about your sale? Is your restaurant patio filling up now that you’ve launched your outdoor dining ad? What about your in-store signage—are your Raydiant screens reflecting the promos that bring in the most business? Adentro is the boots-on-the-ground marketing tool you never had—one that tells you the honest, naked truth about your marketing efforts in real-time—when they soar, and when they fall short. Either way, you can use this priceless feedback to make your marketing that much more effective and targeted so that it speaks directly to your customers and their needs. 

Adentro for Retailers 

It might surprise you to know that 80% of retail transactions still take place in physical stores. And even during a global pandemic, research reveals that many customers still prefer to shop in person. Adentro connects your in-store results with your online marketing efforts so you can manage both your brick-and-mortar and ecommerce performance in one platform. With Adentro, you can effortlessly build your CRM with in-store customer data, and even integrate your POS system for better reporting. Customers exchange their email address to join your guest WiFi network and Adentro overlays that contact with publicly available data to build out a stronger profile (like age, sex, buying preferences, etc.) for you to use when you’re creating audience segments and marketing strategies. 

The Adentro platform also allows retailers to target visitors with marketing campaigns that bring them back for repeat business. Think about it as offline retargeting: a customer walks into your store, but doesn’t complete a purchase. Now you can retarget them with digital advertising to reinforce their purchase decision and pull them back in to your store (either virtually or physically). Looking to calculate the ROI of your digital ads? Adentro data can help you with that also. It’s all part of a powerful platform that lets you know your customers—and speak to them—in a way you couldn’t before.

Adentro for Restaurants 

When it comes to what matters to restaurant customers, the sun rises and sets on a unique, personalized dining experience. Adentro is the key driver of those experiences by providing restaurateurs instant feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Customer data collected by real-time dining experiences give you insights on which promotions and events draw diners in, and can even help them find new customers locally through the Adentro network. 

Adentro data helps you define your target customer’s demographics, and helps you segment existing customers for your marketing campaigns to achieve better results. The system also lets you know when you’re losing customers, and helps you get those customers back with targeted emails and promotions. As for your loyal customers? Now you’ll know exactly who they are, and can send them a thank you email (and invite them to join your loyalty program)!

Adentro for All Brick and Mortars 

Whatever your brick-and-mortar business, Adentro will help you better understand, identify, and market to your customers. With Adentro, you can:

  • Measure marketing efforts with real customer visits
  • Build seed audiences based on customer demographics or the times of day that they visit (lunch crowd vs weekend crowd)
  • Create marketing campaigns targeted to segmented audiences (e.g., loyal customers, first-time customers, lapsed customers)
  • Passively track visitor behavior for better customer reach 
  • Use in-store Raydiant screens to display promos based on buying behavior
  • Combine your POS and other systems for better customer insights
  • Expand your marketing reach to customers on the Adentro network
  • Segment marketing campaigns based on key metrics
  • Improve the ROI of digital ads with a targeted approach based on customer data

Raydiant and Adentro: Revolutionizing the Way You Do Business 

Reap the benefits of using the top-rated digital signage platform with the most innovative customer marketing platform available. Together, Raydiant and Adentro give brick and mortars a way to manage, measure, and optimize their in-store and online marketing efforts. Raydiant’s Customer Experience Platform is designed to deliver a high-impact, in-store customer experience using dynamic digital signage and a full app library of tools. And now, our partnership with Adentro allows us to offer special pricing on this award-winning technology to Raydiant customers. To learn more about Adentro and Raydiant, visit



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